The Generic RP Character Sheet Thread

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    • The Generic RP Character Sheet Thread

      Post every and all character sheet that you will probably use, is in use, or maybe will never see the light of day in a real RP due to being it a Mary sue.

      Here's a generic character sheet you can use. You can add more info if you want to.
      Happy creating!

      Theme song:

    • Name: Daunt
      Age: No specific age, but looks like a kid.
      Gender: Ambiguous
      Personality: Cold, distant. Even though they might seem really nice, something is off... Seems to frown all the time. Eyes are faintly open and seem lifeless.
      Description: Mys's answer to the question "What if there was a 9th child?"
      Basic features are: gray hair, pale skin, orange-red striped tshirt, black pants with white shoes. I'll add a very basic drawing soonish.

      History: Will be made up along the way.
      Abilities: Silver soul. Invulnerable to any and all damage.
      Theme song:

      References: Undertale-based character under heavy development. Will add more features on the way with detailed background.