Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

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    • Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

      Basic infos -"FFT 1.3 is a fan-made modification of the game Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation and PSP gaming systems. There's thousands of minor changes that add up to big differences.1.3 increases difficulty, adds new random battles to the world map and Deep Dungeon, improves monsters, and re-balances skills and items to make the game more fun and challenging." This modification makes the game feel more medieval and makes it much harder. And by hard I mean really hard. Countless tries and rage quits are guaranteed. You need a PS1 emulator to play this game.
      Gameplay footage -
      Where to buy it - I suppose in order to be able to patch the game, you should have the PS1 version. It can be ordered from here: Final Fantasy Tactics: J. Dowland: Video Games
      The 1.3 patch can be downloaded from here: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Patch download - Mod DB
      The tool required to patch the game (FFTPatcher) can be downloaded here: FFTPatcher - Insane Difficulty
    • Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite game of all time, but I don't see it making a good video. Too much of the game is either reading text or putting in commands. Aside from the occasional critical hit, not enough unexpected things happen in it that would give Felix something to comment over.