Play the new Steam Game, GabeN: The Final Decision

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    • Play the new Steam Game, GabeN: The Final Decision

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      Basic info- GabeN: The Final Decision is a fairly new RPG that came out on Steam in September 2015. The game was apparently made by a middle school kid, and isn't that bad of a game, but only because the person that made it is like 12. I'm quite surprised the game got onto Steam in the first place, and just a little note, there are a TON of jokes in this game. Like a TON. Even the price of this game, $3 is based on the Illuminati. The game itself revolves around Gabe Newell, who if you didn't already know is the Owner of Valve. Gaben is about to release his new game, Half Life 3 along with other titles such as Portal 3 and Team Fortress 3. Suddenly, his co-worker Robin Walker destroys all traces of the game, revealing himself to be apart of the Illuminati. Gaben kills him, but after investigating the area with his partner Mike they end up in a sticky situation. The game itself is essentially about Gaben trying to uncover secrets about the Illuminati and defeating it. The game is relatively short, only about 2 hours. There are a few grammatical errors here and there, but hey. If a 12 year old has the guts and knowledge to make a game by himself, I say give the kid a little credit. It's not like any of you guys could do the same thing. (Don't even say if you were 12 you could do it. He made it up by himself. Clearly you didn't do it so just stop if you're going to hate.)


      Gameplay footage-
      Gameplay #1

      Gameplay #2

      Where to buy it- I believe the only way to purchase this game is to buy it off the Steam Store for $3. I'm not sure if there are other places, (will update the page if so) but I'm pretty sure that the only actual way to buy this game is on Steam. Here is the Steam Link:
      Hope you enjoy playing it!
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