Webcam on OBS

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    • Webcam on OBS

      i have talked to a lot of youtubers about what they use to record their gameplay and i often hear that they use open broadcaster software (OBS) so i was considering using it but as i was going through the settings i noticed that there was no mention of webcam so i was wondering if you can run webcam or if you have to use your external web cam applications.
      thanks for reading ^^
    • Hi stark, you have to right-click on the SOURCES box of OBS, choose ADD then VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE (as shown in the picture). It will then ask u to name that device (just type "webcam", the specific model or whatever you want) press OK, you will then be at the DRIVE SELECTION tab. The first text you can see at the top of the tab is the DEVICE scroll-down menu, choose your device, in this case your webcam, and change some settings there by yourself (like resolution, chroma key, audio, etc.). In case you can't see your webcam at first, maybe because you connected it after you've opened OBS, click on the REFRESH button. Anyway for more info, I think you can find a tutorial on how to add a webcam on OBS on YouTube. Hope that helped ^^

    • Someone beat me to it! <3
      OBS is like photoshop in that you can layer webcam/gameplay/pictures/etc all over eachother so when you record, it's a nice video sandwich. <33333 I adore that program so much.
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