Is Pewdiepie Jewish!?!?!? XDDDDD

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    • Is Pewdiepie Jewish!?!?!? XDDDDD

      Hey sup bra's!!!!!!

      I'm Eliah Goldberg, im From isreal!!! i love pewdiepie so much!! i watch him all the time especially when there are a lot of rocketfights over here XDD you know fight between the muslims and the jews here :( i love everyone ya know! anyway recently in my jewish school we had a class about finance and we learned that the goyim pewdipie makes 2 million a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's jewtastic amount of money! im just wondering is pewdipe jewish?

      If he is, that would be awesome!! sweden so tolerant xdd!

      im just curious! can we all answer?

      im new to this sorry if i did something wrong:(