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    • Indivisible

      • Basic info
        • Indie team behind the 2012 fighting game Skullgirls is crowdfunding a 2D RPG that takes inspiration from Super Metroid and Valkyrie Profile.
        • To show their idea, they built a playable prototype free for anyone to download and try.
        • Really nice graphics and tight gameplay for a prototype, but sadly no story bits outside the page :(

      • Gameplay footage

      • Where to buy it
    • First post! I really hope Pewdiepie does play this game! I think it's perfect for him given that he's busy traveling and promoting his new book. The prototype is free to anyone, short, has incredible animation and very easy to learn to play. I would love to see his reaction trying to find the 2 secret rooms in the prototype! Hahaha

      I truly hope this game get's funded and made! Lab Zero truly put their love and talent and it has definitely shown throughout the game. Hope Pewdiepie considers this!