THE INANE (indie-horror)

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    • THE INANE (indie-horror)

      Information on the game:
      Genre: psychedelia, indie horror, Adventure, Action
      Developer:Andrei Gromov
      The game's plot:1986 The main character - Mark. He wakes up in his apartment by a telephone call, from whom he learns that his girlfriend is no longer able to be with him and went to Russia. After 6 years, Mark again wakes up and no longer understands where he is because of his apartment turned into something terrible, where there is complete chaos. The main character must find out what really happened...

      Review of the game and the trailer for it, you can see the links below. Youtube:
      - an overview of the game
      - Official Trailer Game
      the game is free, no need to buy it
      download the game: DOWNLOAD
      see all of its updates, please visit: THE INANE


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