Anomaly: Opening Night

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    • Anomaly: Opening Night

      Anomaly: Opening Night is a Third-Person Thriller created in Unity by a team of five. While investigating a theater, the player must deal with possessed mannequins, an unstoppable creature and hallucinations which change their perceptions of reality.



      Playing the game with a gamepad and headphones will provide you a better experience!
      Download Anomaly: Opening Night

    • This game was actually really interesting. I wasn't expecting much from a game from a school or something, but it was actually pretty tight.

      Got shit scared out of me by dolls.
      Was chased by four legged spider thing.
      Used a vase to make sweet jumps.
      Found a placeholder table.
      Shot myself in the head.

      10/10, would shoot eyes on the wall again.
    • Pretty good game! I like how it's Third-Person and actually has voice acting and stuff, unlike almost every other horror game out there.

      Plus... Why did it have to be mannequins? Out of everything it could be... Why mannequins? D:

      (Could have been snakes and it would be fine, man.)

      P.S.: Props for being the Barrels guy! That game was awesome. I hope Pewds picks this one as well, I want to see his reaction to those f*cked-up sanity effects!
      IT'S ALIVE!
    • Tried the game, didn't think I would like it... You don't know fear until that spider asshole doesn't stop chasing you through the theater.
      >Thought I heard something in a dark corner.
      >Investigate corner.
      >Spider Asshole struts from out of the Darkness.
      >Own Asshole turns inside out from puckering.