Motivation, Where do we find it This early on?

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    • Motivation, Where do we find it This early on?

      [u][/u]I have a slight issue Regarding Motivation

      As a beginning Youtuber (15 subs) I find it difficult to Keep Motivated when my videos have about as much reach and momentum as a boat made of screen doors . Now I Keep going because it's my dream, And For me, This is more about entertaining and brightening people's days the same way the Youtube Giants used to do for me.
      So how do I do it? How do I keep motivated when I see , quite plainly, That nobody's There to support my little channel, that my videos aren't even being seen, much less achieving my dream of brightening a day . How do you press on when you're starting out in this Massive, Impenetrable Shadow that Pewds, Jack, Mark, And the like Cast over all new youtubers? I would like to see a serious discussion, But that's hoping for a lot on the internet.( I expect to see a lot of " Lol get Gud" or " just give up you're literal cancer"

      Both eager and Terrified of your replies , TBM, Signing out ( the way I end my videos)

    • That is something I could never imagine to face. To give 101% and to recive nothing. Everybody says you should "just keep doing it if it's what makes you happy" right? But I cannot see the aspect you described bringing happiness to a being.
      But it's always the same old story:"Everybody started from zero".
      You should just accept that you have to fight for your goals, in any ways required. If it really was that easy every YT user would have like 1M subs am I right?
      An example, maybe not even that fitting but who cares.
      I play piano but I'm not a prodigy or anything special. Sometimes I watch alien-ish pianist on yt that seem to have like 5 hands doing stunning performances and I'm like "Oh, Jesus, why do I even try if I'm not EVER going to be like them?". But that's not the point.
      You don't have to compare you with others. If you like something you do it goddamit, just for your own sake. Results will come eventually. Don't let anything bring you down. The harder it is, the sweeter will be the satisfaction.
    • It is generally difficult to get noticed. But all you need is that one single spark for a blazing fire to happen. PewDiePie had that, Markiplier had it, even those that don't even make video games on youtube require that spark(i.e. Yahtzee Croshaw, LoadingReadyRun) to make that blazing inferno. All you can do is work on making that spark happen.
    • It's a slow path, man. Remember that everyone started off small, there was a day when Pewds and Mark had zero subscribers and no one was watching them. It's all about plugging along, making the best content you can. Like Melcadrien said, you have to find out who you are, what makes watching you different than watching others. Find your voice and you'll find an audience. It might not be millions and millions, but it'll be there.

      If it helps, I always tell people to watch Yamimash's 1mil subscriber special. He worked his butt off for eight freaking years to hit that number. YouTubers around him blew past him (he discovered Mark early on, actually) while he was grinding away growing slowly. Would have been easy for him to say hell with it and throw in the towel, but he didn't, now he's getting that gold button.

      Early on, think more about making something for others to watch, not getting people TO watch. Do everything you can so you can look at your own videos and be happy of them, proud of them. Make great content, then work on promotion.

      It's a reality that not everyone will get big. People right now clamoring for a shout out from the man himself hoping to be one of the few who do. But don't let that get you down, dude. You can't necessarily control how "huge" you'll get, but you CAN control how good your channel is, and I firmly believe that every good channel WILL find an audience. Even if it's not immediate, even if it's not the giant levels of the top YouTubers, it'll be a good audience.
    • Thank you all :) this is a lot more civil and helpful than I expected, which is a really pleasant surprise. You guys are the kind of people i'll be thanking if by some Hellishly lucky break I make it . Not to mention I got my first bit of feedback the other day , and they really enjoyed what I was doing :) I'm even at 17 subs now! it's a tiny thing but after almost a year I'm positively thrilled. once again Thank you all!
    • Motivation is sometimes hard to keep up! Especially when things get hard or when you start something new!
      But like Shia says:"JUST DO IT"

      If it is your dream to get big on Youtube, you should never give up! Go for it and give it all! It takes some time to get things started, in the end people don´t regret the things they have done, they regret the things the didn´t do!

      With that out of the way! Stay awesome!
      Brofist! :brofist:

      :thumbsup: GET THE KICK OUT OF GAMING :thumbsup:
    • I remeber when i started the only motivation i had was that i didint know it was so fun making these kind of videos.

      the more i did videos the more fun it became and on the way i got more subs without me thinking about getting subs. mostly it was entertaining for my irl friends . i remeber i had 15-30 subs i was so happy and continue having fun with the videos i was doing then it just grow from there slowly but steady;)
    • I always just make videos for myself first. If somebody is interested in watching, great. Ultimately, every time I post a video I feel like I am improving my presentation, my speaking voice, and my own passion for gaming.

      I think I had 20 or so subscribers for the first 6 months of making daily videos. The only reason I even broke 100 subs was because I made a tutorial video for installing a mod in a game that a lot of people apparently were struggling with like I was (until i figured it out and posted the tutorial).

      Then, I just kept making videos, trying to balance what I enjoyed playing with what I thought was top of mind in the community. Slowly but surely, the viewers will show up. It may take years, but that is why you have to do it for you.
    • So I just checked your channel. You've had your channel for a month, you have low quality audio, and you made a vlog stating that you're already out of ideas.
      ...And you're wondering why your channel hasn't grown?
      People think they can jump on YouTube and become instantly popular. That's not how it works.

      Your motivation "early on" should be the same as when you started (A month ago). It shouldn't have changed in such a short period of time.

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    • I've done this for over a year. 1k+ Subscribers earned through sleepless nights and hand cramps...

      For you to start losing hope and being upset with a lack of growth after a month shows this is not your dream and you clearly don't want it. I would like to vomit out words of optimism about how everyone can make it and it's all sunshine and rainbows but that is not the case.

      If a fish measured it's ability to succeed by how well it could climb a tree, a fish would never have self worth. In other words, stop comparing yourself to seasoned men like Pewdiepie and Jack, who have worked their everyliving butts off, and get out there and CREATE GOOD CONTENT. These successful men DO NOT cast shadows. They are shining stars that are WITHIN REACH if you make it so. The only way to succeed is to believe in every fiber of your being you can, never give up, listen to criticism and grow, and remember that the moment you no longer love what you do, is the moment you need to stop and reexamine what it is you are doing.

      Hope that lights a fire under your butt.

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    • Yeah it can be tough given how today many people are probably creating the same content as you do. Remember, just be yourself, give your best. It'd help a lot if you make a video which stands out, a video which people will search for and gets people to notice your channel, for example like someone said, a tutorial video about installing a mod. It doesn't have to fall in your usual category of videos.
    • Sorry for being harsh but,stupid question...
      Motivation for something you love and want to do is right there in your need or love to do it, in other words you need no motivation to do something you love doing, since you want to do it and nothing but you yourself can keep you from doing it.
      Did that make sense or am i rambling senselessly again?
    • Take a look back at your earlier video and compare them to your newer stuff and see how much you have grown, and how far you have come. If you are passionate about what you are doing, then you can only get better :)

      Might not be the holy grail of motivation you're after, but stepping back and seeing your progress, however little it may be, can be quite motivating in itself.

      That being said, don't ignore those 15 subs.
      That's 15 people right there that find enjoyment in your videos :)
      Just don't lose yourself to the numbers game.

      All the best!
    • As many have said already you should be making videos and posting them because it's what you love to do. If you're simply doing it because everyone else is then yeah you won't go very far because that attitude will shine through in your work. That's not something people want to see. It isn't engaging but is beyond a turnoff. I haven't checked on your channel but if what JoshFaceh said is true that you posted a video where you openly admit to being out of ideas already, that's it you're done, you've sunk yourself. You need to think in terms of 'what do I love to do' rather than 'what is everyone else doing at the moment that seems to be working'. The bandwagon is a not a good place to be nor is it a place where one can be truly creative.

      So people like Pewds and Mark are big. They do what they do and people like it. Great. Good for them. But we as fans/their viewing audience know that they like what they're doing. We can see it in every video they make and upload. Theres a passion that each possess that is clearly their own and they will do what they love and if people don't happen to like it well too bad Pewds and Mark aren't about to change for them.

      If you start making this endeavor all about numbers (views, subscribers, comments etc etc) you will lose any and all motivation you may or may not have had. You make what you love, say what you want to say, show what you want to show and if people like what they see and or hear, they will find you. People will begin to talk and the word will spread. But again if that happens that's only icing on the cake. If you don't like what you're doing then there is no reason to continue to pursue it. Motivation comes from truly loving what it is you do or what it is you're making videos about. It doesn't always have to be gaming either (that niche is kind of over saturated at the moment and you will be lost among all the other channels that have already planted themselves and have a more than solid foundation to work from).

      But beyond that I wish you luck and I hope you keep at it and find the motivation you need to keep at it. I see starting a YouTube channel as more of a marathon than a sprint, you have to pace yourself and go for the long haul rather than burn yourself out too quickly and lose any momentum you could have otherwise gained if you had just been patient. Remember too, you don't have to upload a ton of videos a day or even a week. I would say most people look for quality above quantity (at least I know I do most of the time). So like a video a week would allow for the time to really put your all into a video and truly be happy with what it is you're producing and uploading.
    • hi guys, thanks for sharing your inspiring and heartwarming stories and opinions, i can totally relate to them ;(

      i also want to share this quote that helped me a lot many times in making new videos on youtube; it may seem a generic quote but is 100% valid in times when motivation or morale is down and giving up or procrastinating is tempting...

      i wish everyone here to find success in pursuing your youtube career or hobby may it be, or in doing whatever you love, dream and enjoy doing :D :brofist: