POLL - What kind of YouTuber are you?

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    • POLL - What kind of YouTuber are you?

      Just a simple question that I have been wondering recently and was curious what people would ‘label’ themselves as. :)

      1.) Someone who doesn’t care about how many subs/views etc. they get – they just enjoy video editing and the fun behind it. More as a hobby for personal entertainment.
      2.) Someone who solely does it for subs/views – possibly even money/fame.
      3.) Someone who uploads content for the entertainment of others / themselves – you like to get subs/views etc. but it isn’t your priority.
      4.) You just watch. Who are your favourites?
      5.) A different option (Tell us what below!)

      My YouTube user name is DoStuffJosh, I upload content because I personally find it fun, I love video editing and would love a career in it in the future. This is a way for me to practice. I like to gain views and an audience as it shows people care but I don’t do YouTube solely for the purpose of getting ‘famous’.

      Considering – I would probably put myself in option 3.
      What about everyone else? Satisfy my curious little brain haha.

      Ohh P.S. Have a cheeky little look at my channel. Also, share yours! I would love to see them!
      -Josh :P
    • I am 5.) the kind that says they are going to start doing youtube and never actually do it...

      mostly cause this world is being an asshole to me and i always have a problem with starting...
      ME: "TIME TO START MAKING STUFF...just waiting for that new mic"
      SELLER:"OH yah ,we ain't gonna get those in like a month ._."
      MOM:"Oh ya ,you are going to a vacation in greece"
      ME:"well...youtube can wait, cause greece...them gyros bruh"
      ME:"Well im back, time too~"
      MOM:"You start school....next week."
      ME:"... well ._. ~~ FUUUUUUUUUU"