Pewdiepie asked on FB how to get Girl viewers

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    • Pewdiepie asked on FB how to get Girl viewers

      So Pewdz asked on Facebook how he can get more Girl viewers, since I cant answer to that specific post .. but to all the others.. dunno why.

      I just thought I create a Thread on his forum! Goooood idea. So I just copy and paste what I wanted to write without changing anything.

      If you have ideas you can post them, too ofc!

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      Do videos of you looking like this "yeah we are smiling, and having fun, and look and my surfer haircut! We are sunshine boys" kids and vlog about the most unnessesary stuff that kinda bothers you so girls see that you have a deep and thoughtfull and sensitive side, but what you say is actually something that everyone with common sence knows like "you know, maybe.. maybe it wasnt good that jennifer ate jackys meal, its hers!". Then a little bit of clumsiness to look cute and not perfect what makes the girls want you even more because they can be like "oh you silly". And then add a few girly tips for example how people with brown eyes shouldnt wear blue, because it doesnt fit and they should wear hot colors and shit like that. But be like "IM SORRY. I cant help you with everything, I dont Know anything about make up. " but wear tons of make up and skin cremes yourself.

      P.S: For example pictures look at one direction, Justin bieber, Zac efron, or any other guy that was somehow related to a disney Series and was infront of a camera. Or people that look similar. You get the idea.

      Fuck.. long ass post.. so not worth the Time assuming that you wont read it anyways..
      The weird Alien/Pirate guy from outer space..