Presentable Liberty

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    • Presentable Liberty


      Note: This game deals with themes some may find upsetting

      You wouldn't think there can be much to a game that takes place in a cell you can only movre a foot in in three directions. Wertpol proves that wrong by giving us this, best described as a free indie visual novel, Presentable Liberty. You start off with no back story, and only know you are in a prison cell, trapped and locked away from the world. The only connection you have to any living person are letters that are somehow slipped under your door. There is no way for you to reply, so all you can do is click the letters to read them, and accept their gifts to you, which is done by using the number keys to select them, and then right-clicking to use. Through these letters a terrifying story unfolds, but all you can do about this is stand in your cell, watch your little pet bug run around, or play the games given to you by your Personal Buddy™ that is meant to keep you happy and non-suicidal... though the letters are really all you have left.

      Obviously Presentable Liberty isn't a game for everyone, which is sad because this game is the kind of game that ends with an impact. It'll take some patience, since most of the time you're waiting for letters and only really have a few crudely made high difficulty games to play to keep you busy outside of that. If you're willing to actually get involved in the story, then those wait times become much more than simply waiting for the game to move on. This is a game that makes you face the biggest fear of all, one that in this day and age we have come up with so many distractions to avoid. being alone with your thoughts. While on the surface it seems that the message of the game is painfully obvious, past that surface is a deep, deep pool you choose to expand. The one sided letters you receive at first are nothing but mild distractions, ones you're not even sure if they are real, but after a day or so you'll cling to them, having a deep relationship with the writer you've never met and are unsure if that person being real or not even matters any more. For the best experience this game needs to be played alone, but make sure that afterwards you have someone you can go hug for a while.

      Gameplay by: Markiplier

      Download link:

      I'd like to see/know how will Pewds react to this kind of game.
      Please play this one pewds ~ :brofist:

      Shout out for everyone, Try this game! :)