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    • Basic infos: Diggles, The Myth of Fenris, is a PC game developed by Innonics and published by Strategy First on Sept 21, 2001.
      Summary from the back of the games box. "Godfather Odin has asked the Diggles to Set out on an adventure to the center of the earth to retrieve his pet, Fenris, the hound of Hell. Since he became aware of his growing power and strength Fenris has been terrifying the underground world. Fenris ran away from Odin and now its up to the Diggles to forge a special chain and to disarm Fenris.
      Diggles - Diggles Wiki

      Gameplay footage:

      Where to buy it:

      Amazon.com: Diggles - PC: Video Games

      FilePlanet: Diggles: The Myth of Fenris Demo

      My intention: I know it's a pretty old game but i think it's much better than to bore yourself with another FNAF. ;)
      Hope you read this Pewds - Brofist from Germany :)