Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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    • Hotel Dusk: Room 215

      ok I highly doubt pewds will play this + it is a nintendo game... but it's just a suggestion sooooo yeah~

      Hotel Dusk Room 215 is a NDS puzzle/mystery/adventure game
      "The game takes place at Hotel Dusk, a fictional, rundown motel near Los Angeles, California in 1979. Kyle Hyde, a former New York City detective and now working as a salesman for Red Crown, has arrived at the hotel in his search for his former partner, Brian Bradley, and is given Room 215, a room rumored to be able to grant wishes. Kyle finds that the hotel has many mysteries as well as connections to his past, and begins to look into these further. The order of the discovery of these elements within the game will depend on choices players make." <- i got this from wikipedia

      here's some boring part of the game + this video just shows what it looks like and stuff: (there's no spoilers btw)

      and i guess if you really want to buy it then here you go: Hotel Dusk: Room 215: Artist Not Provided: Video Games