The changes of PewDiePie. Thoughts?

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    • The changes of PewDiePie. Thoughts?

      So over the years, we've seen PewDiePie (both the channel and Felix) undergo massive amounts of change. Pewds has become much more open in his videos and much more experienced in making and editing videos. The videos have changed based on editing value, games being played and Pewds' equipment. The channel itself has grown massive in so many ways. I'd like to know about the things you like/dislike about pewds' videos he makes now in comparison to the older ones. :brofist:
    • Yeah, he changed.

      I guess there is no way he can go back to making horror stuff. I liked that stuff, and personally, I'm not a huge fan of the heavy editing/short comedy videos he does now, but they're fine and I'm glad he does what he loves.
      I've seen some people that seem to think that when he did the old horror videos he was forcing himself to. The fact is his taste changed a bit, but also his timetable. He doesn't have time to make hugely long play throughs, and I think that's why he interrupted Corpse Party, etc.

      But I do think he still likes horror games, but

      a.He played a LOT of horror
      b. He likes this stuff now better

      So, yeah. I support him, but there is this fact that he is losing viewers while he wins viewers, if that makes sense. His fanbase changed a lot. And to be perfectly honest, if you want his present fanbase, this isn't the best place to find it.
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    • I'm not gonna lie, I'm more of a fan of the old stuff (Amnesia, Bully, Happy Wheels etc) but I liked the new stuff. It was a bit weird at the turn of the new year with the editing, however. Since that point, I stopped watching and unsubbed. The content was great, but the edits alongside the offensive jokes and excessive swearing put me off. Now, I'm not saying youtubers and other people can not swear if they made videos but I'm thinking that it should be toned down in some of his future videos as this fanbase is usually made up of teens younger than 16. In some cases, Pewdiepie drops a game and doesn't pick it up for a reason. Could be because he wants to make the smaller, comedy videos that his current fanbase recognise as entertainment. I guess this could go for the Game of Thrones and Corpse Party gameplays. Some of these videos were 1 hour and up, which means a lot of time to edit into a video. Compare a video similar to the 5 minute ones he produces now and the longer lets plays he used to do. You'd find that it's easier to play a game, add special effects to them and cut the vids down to be 5-6 minutes worth of entertainment twice a day. Sure, it's a lot of work, but if Pewds enjoys using the effects, then that's the way the channel is heading now.
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    • NO ONE can ever be the same ol' person for 6 whole years without a slight change. Or this case, a wholeheartedly change. Pewds said this twice already, If he ever had to keep only playing horror games he'd probably have stopped doing videos a long time a ago.

      He does two videos a day, so you can imagine how it would be completely boring after three years... Can't you agree with it?

      So yes, pewdsipie is changing. He is kinda always exploring new things and types of games and I support this. Do I want him to keep always playing horror/series/long/RPG games? YES! But I'd have to watch very fake pewds who doesn't do what he really wants and does fake reactions... Do I want that? NO!

      So yes, I'll keep watching the videos that insterest me and ignoring the shit ones... But i'll never unsub him... :brofist:
    • Yes he changes, because he is older... But something else is bothering me... Why Felix does not record vlogs to inform and explain some stuff to us? Like now with FNAF 4?
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    • Some times I feel like he's LESS open with us, actually... As if he's trying too hard some times, or being someone he isn't. And the guy above me mentioned that he makes less vlogs and I think as a result I'm not really as attached to the channel as I used to be. I don't like him any less, though... I understand he's human.

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