Alan Wake

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    • Basic info: Alan Wake is Finnish psychological survival horror game. The main story is estimated to be about 11 hours, (though it took me about 20, since I searched for the easter eggs and such.) but depends on your play-style. The game consists of six episodes, but has two special episodes available and a follow-up, called Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It's a very story-based game. It was released on 2012. It's a single player game. The game is in third person.

      You play as Alan Wake, a bestselling crime fiction author who has suffered from writers block for two years. When your wife 'drowns' on your vacation to Bright Falls, you'll have to fight your way trough darkness using only flashlight and different guns, you'll get along the way. The light is your safe place and only way to weaken the Taken ones.

      You can buy the game from Steam:

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