Suikoden 2,one of the best ranked JRPG

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    • Suikoden 2,one of the best ranked JRPG

      Suikoden 2 is one of the best ranked JRPG,turn based JRPG with amazing graphics(for playstation 1 games),gameplay+stories that some people said is even better than Final Fantasy's,but it didn't receive the recognition it deserved,but this year it finally got into the PSN store.(big thanks to Suikoden Revival Movement group)

      When you enter the game,you play as a 14 year old boy(you can name him yourself) who just got in the Highland Youth Brigade which is currently in war with the City-State Army,you will guide and play as him through beautifully crafted stories,with betrayal,friendship and adventure.

      The amazing thing about this game:

      -You start as a lone,weak mercenary soldier,but through the game you'll become a king of your own army,with your own recruits(you can recruit 108 people scattered all over the world,and almost all of them can help you fight,except if you hired innkeeper and such XD)

      -Your choice really matters,you can even kill someone if you dont make the right choice

      -108 people scattered all over the world that can help you if you recruit them,some are a fighting machine,some is an amazing wizard,blacksmith who can upgrade your weapon etc (you dont have to recruit them all though,it just help you toughen up your army).

      -Name your own player,army,and castle!

      -Beautiful soundtrack,wait. . i mean AMAZING soundtrack(here's a taste)

      Here's the wiki:

      Its on PSN:!/en-us…00958_00-0000000000000001

      I cant even say how much this game meant to me,and i suggest all should play this,including you felix,you didnt even have to make a gameplay video,just try playing it.

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