Queeky (casual arcade mobile game)

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    • Queeky (casual arcade mobile game)

      Hi Bro Army, My name's Lobsang, I'm from Ecuador, I'm learning Game development, and the moment working on a small mobile game, I wanted to share it with all of you, maybe you like it, maybe not, but if you want to share your feedback that would help me a lot (to become better), thanks for everything .

      Queeky is game in where you have to survive to a series of levels in space, destroy some asteroid, fight enemies, in order to reach your destination. Each level will have it's difficulties and rewards according to them, you'll be able to collect coins in order to create weapons such as: Electric Shock Area Black Holes Supernova Defensive powers as the shield, and more.

      Queeky Android, AndroidTab game - Slide DB