The Vale- Psychological Horror Game

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    • The Vale- Psychological Horror Game

      The Vale- Psychological Horror Game

      What is "The Vale" ?

      What is the extent of fear? This is the question that we love to ask, and one that we strive to answer. The Vale is designed to do exactly that ; to re define Horror.
      To drive fear into the player at a Psychological Level is no easy task, however it is one that we are determined to attempt. The Vale uses Unreal Engine 4's advanced tech to give birth to Horror like never before.
      With a P.T like gameplay, we plan to use some exciting techniques to fulfill our goals - Dynamic Levels, Dark Moods, Vertical AI, Photorealism and more are some of the many tactics we intend to implement.
      For those of you who built up an appetite for True Horror playing P.T , only to have it left unfulfilled due to the recent cancellation of Silent Hills , we hope we may be able to help

      The Team

      The Vale started off as a small project, less than 5 people working to create a Horror Game that would be remembered for years to come. However, we quickly expanded, and have since had a massive boost in progress. Right now, we have filled nearly all our desired positions, although we do have some critical spots open!
      From Concept Artists, to Level Designers, to Composers, The Vale's team is littered with talent and a burning passion for the genre !

      Our Progress

      The Vale is a relatively young game - only 2 and a half months old. Most of our members have full time jobs, and up until recently we were quite small a team.
      However, we have accomplished much in this little time. Our members are driven to deliver, and often work late into the night, despite having work (and at times, exams) to stick to deadlines.
      We have already completed the entire Script, all concept images and Level for our Alpha Release. We have also begun setting up a website( Which we plan to take live when we can go public with more of our completed material) and have even made amazing progress with our characters, as displayed below. Keep in mind that these are very early images, and we have since improved on them, and plan to do so even more.

      Why Post here?

      The reason we have chosen to approach Pewdiepie's forums is because as fans of Pewdiepie, we all here are automatically fans of Horror! This makes our (your) opinions on Horror extremely valid, and we need your help to make The Vale a good Horror Game! We need to know where we can improve, and what you like/dislike about Horror games!
      Keep in mind that right now, all you see is work for the Alpha, which is non commercial; everyone can play it for free! We also will generate no sponsor or ad revenue...our only intention is to get your help!

      In the coming months we will be updating this thread regularly to show off the content as we create it. Be sure to check back to satisfy your appetite for Horror! We will also be updating our Facebook Page with new content!

      Just to get you salivating, here is a short video, thrown together by our Level Designers , just for the fun of it. It is not Alpha footage, but merely something they created for you to get a feel of the mood!