Rhythm Heaven Fever

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    • Rhythm Heaven Fever

      Hello Pewds and fans of him! I'm here to tell you about a game from the Rhythm Heaven franchise.

      Rhythm Heaven Fever is a rhythm based music game for the Nintendo Wii. It includes over 50 fun minigames, where you have to press either A or A+B to the rhythm.

      Levels come in packs of four, and after each level is completed, a "boss" unlocks. The boss is a remix of the four minigames and you have to master them all to clear through it. Also, every remix has a different theme and song.
      After each minigame the game ranks you and you need at least "OK" to pass to the next minigame. If you got "Superb!" on a minigame, sometimes a chance for getting "Perfect!" spawns to the level selection screen. Getting a perfect requires you to make no mistakes.

      A perfect rage game for Pewds I think.

      Here's an example of a minigame (here you have to tap A to make the tambourine shake. A+B to 'punch' it.)

      Here's another one (here you have to press A to make the seals flip and A+B to make them roll.)

      This is a quite popular one ("A" to the beat and A+B for photos etc. you'll see.)

      I think you remember how I talked about remixes? Here's one:

      The game can be bought from normal game stores or then you can emulate it.

      If my suggestion is missing something, please comment and I try to add everything needed!

      I like random games. I hate console wars.

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