A New Rule for ProjectPew MC

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  • A New Rule for ProjectPew MC

    So it's been months since ProjectPew Minecraft went down and was whitelisted. My query is: why is it not back up yet? I've been told it's being worked on, but it's been months… literal months (like 6 of them at least).

    I know it takes time and money to run a MC server and it's current admin, smk730, has more important tasks to work on, but I've noticed that in the time it's been "offline" it's actually still running or rather pinging Mojang's authentication servers telling everyone that it's not dead yet.
    In that time, I joined another server, unlisted for obvious reasons, and became staff some time later, all the while ProjectPew MC has still been down (whitelisted), taking up pewdiepie.com's resources without any true purpose.

    This is my request: Is there any way I can help speed up the process of reviving ProjectPew? I feel I am more than qualified, as I have run many servers in the past, both MC and not. I'm not asking for total admin access to the server (or maybe I am, I don't really know at the moment…), rather I'm asking that someone let me know if I can join the server's staff and get it up again. The amount of downtime has been slightly ridiculous considering I had ample time to join another youtuber's server.

    With the highest respect to ALL staff here at pewdiepie.com, I ask for a well-considered answer soon. I only wish to broaden the reach of our community to the best of my ability… even if it means running a server full time.

    Your Faithful Servant Dooley_labs :brofist:

    But if the server is being used for some X files stuff, feel free to let me take part.
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  • Heya,

    With the DMCA takedown request of the various Minecraft server clients, progress was a bit tricky. Now that Mojang is no longer supporting the takedown, I can move forward. Hope you'll stick around for its release! You can chat with me on TeamSpeak about the issue tonight if you want further information.

    Talk to you soon!

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  • Yo,

    Love your dedication to the server and your unabated interest, but you gotta understand that oftentimes people have lives outside of gaming. I am in the middle of applications and writing TONS of essays. As I have said before (here), I'll get to it when I can. Sounds good? Awesome! ;)
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