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    • Hi I'm Ozzy!
      I've been watching Pewds since about 2011, and he's still one of my favourite YouTubers.
      I'm currently living in the US, but I'm Canadian and my first language is German. I've actually cosplayed Felix in the past for conventions and such, but I haven't recently. I will be cosplaying him for Boston Comicon.
      Nothing makes me happier than talking YouTube and video games with new people!

      Social Media:
      Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram: sailorsexbang
      Kik: chrysanthemum_boy
      Skout: princeofhell

      Stay awesome! <3
      :brofist: Ozzy :brofist:
      Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram
      Kik: chrysanthemum_boy

      Stay Awesome! <3