New member! My thoughts on pewdiepies situation on YouTube presently!

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    • New member! My thoughts on pewdiepies situation on YouTube presently!

      Hi everyone! My name is Harley and I'm from Canada. I just joined as a member today but I have been following him for 2 years. I also have noticed that he has gotten a lot more subs since I've joined and that number keeps on growing every day. The only way I see him connecting with us presently is through commenting on comments around 10 each video, and with the Friday's with Pewdiepie videos, which quite frankly don't really connect me to him as much as it did anymore. I think there should be a limit on how many subs a man can have. If 30+ million people follow one person you can't announce that you are going to a website to chat or stream cause you are just going to crash the site because of all the people. I mean you have more subs than my entire country! That is a little much and I know you won't be able to connect as much because of all the people who follow you but something needs to happen to change that in my opinion. There is not enough connection between the bros and pewdiepie at the moment and something else needs to happen. Like a world tour of some kind or another contest to meet him as the top prize or something like that cause this isn't working the way it is now.

      As always, I will always follow him even though I like the way he was before the summer last year. But nevertheless, I love him for the way he is and I hope he changes peoples lives and makes at least one person smile everyday. :brofist: :brofist: Brofist.
    • Limiting the amount of bros would be quite rude so there shouldn't be a limit. But good idea tho~
      And basically it limits the ability to people to sub too him when they like his videos causing some law suits and well allot of complaints too youtube.

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    • Hello there Harley :D
      Welcome to the broarmy forums ^^
      Well, I must say he did change a bit lives and makes people happy.
      Happy to have a new bro in the army ^^
      See you around :D
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