"I think we are a beautiful community and that's why I'm here" (This is going to be a long one.)

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    • "I think we are a beautiful community and that's why I'm here" (This is going to be a long one.)

      (I'm French, so please, excuse me for my bad english. I'm not using any translator, I do this all by myself. I learned english by myself because in classroom, I still learn how to say "Hello" since more than seven year now... So feel free to correct me. :) )

      Hi! My name is Joshua, I'm a seventeen year old boy from france and I finally decided to come on the forum, because I really like to talk with you guys. I think we are a beautiful community and that's why I'm here (whatever the haters think) and turning off the comment was definitly a good thing. I was so sick of all the hate, of people self avertising and this was just way too flooded. I decided to came here only today because I've never been good with forums, it's just not my thing. But after getting so frustrated with the fact that I wanted but couldn't say something under the video, give my opinion on the video about haters on the last Friday with PewDiePie or other videos. I finally decided to came here. That way, I could be able to connect with all of you and the dude that we all follow and love here, Felix (and Marzia too ;D).

      Because what's the point to be part of a community if you can't interact with it?


      So when it come to myself being a Bro, I'm here since Cry Of Fear, back in 2012. So when I say that I am a "LONG TIME BRO" I know that there is probably a lot of people around here that were here way before me. But there is also a lot of bros that are new here. And even before that, a lot of people decided to leave because he was getting sick of playing Amnesia and stuff like this. And still, a lot of people are angry at him for this. Just go to his older video and you'll see people like: "This was the good old time." or even "This is back when PewDiePie was still good, now he just do it for money". Ahah, the good old "YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY!". The one that no youtuber can avoid once they are popular. :rolleyes:
      Before I wrap this part up, I'd like to give my opinion about this! :P
      This arguments exist because a lot of people affiliate "Job" with something that won't be FUN what so ever. A lot of people think that a job is a crappy thing where you'll waste your lifetime just for being able to eat and pay your rent. If your having fun, then it's not a real job. It's a sad statement and it's here in a lot of people's mind, that doens't mean it's true though. It's not just the fact that he plays video games. Because we all know that this people don't really know how much time it takes to do the editing and stuff but a lot of people understand that it take time but still think that way, because it's a lot of what I just said too.
      Of course Felix think about money. But does that mean that he don't love you too? Does that mean that he don't give a flying sh- about his community?
      No. Otherwise, this forum woudn't exist.
      Otherwise, Friday with PewDiePie woudn't exist.
      So yeah, PewDiePie gain four millions dollars. But I'm not goind to say anything about this. I'm just goind to quote PewDiePie: "It's seems that the entire world care more about how much money I make then I do. [...] And none of this media talk about the fact that we raised one millions for charity".

      So to finally wrap this part up: Thank You Felix for all the laugh, the smile and the videos that you gave us. :brofist:

      ABOUT ME
      So as you already know, my name is Joshua, I'm 17 and I'm from france.
      I'm a writer. Well... I don't have any book out there for now. But I'm currently writing one. I love writing even if people love to say that I'm wasting my time and I should "live my life". But when they say this, they are reffering to the fact that they are constantly trying to find a way to get drunk or smashed. Which is dumb to me. What's the point in this? If you want to have fun, okay, we all love it. But what's the point in getting drunk like they do? That's not having fun, that's called: Puking on the floor and doing some stupid stuff all night that even though you won't remember the next morning. If this the definition of fun, I'm not into "having fun". I don't need to drink or smoke to have fun. But apparently, they do. So yeah, I'm kind of lonely. The best thing that I can find about me is that I solved a lot of problem for the few friends I have. It's easy for me to see inside someone and by "inside" I mean, behind the mask and I'm also the best at keeping secret and keeping my mouth shut about it. And my biggest problem is that I'm kind of aggressive. It's like a safety mesure. All my life, I've been rejected. So now, if I think that someone is trying to make fun of me, trying to put me down or something of that kind, that will make me really aggressive. I have so much hate inside of me that never had a chance to come out that it make me like a delayed bomb, ready to explose at anytime. But don't be scared to approche me, I'm like the nicest person ever. :saint:
      Well... This was kind of sad. Moving on! :whistling:

      IN MUSIC:
      I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park since their second album. I remember that when I was younger, my sister used to listen to this album and everytime that I would hear it, I would go right behind her door and sit down to listen to it. Today, I love all of their album. I'm also one of the few people who still buy albums, believe it or not. ;)
      Also, I really like Hollywood Undead even if their lyrics are not really the most meaning full (even though their last album NOTE FROM THE UNDERGROUND have some really meaningful song). If there is some Undead Fans in the house, I prefer Danny because I think that since Deuce left, the band is way better in their style of producing. But I think that Deuce is doing great on his own so it's all good. :)

      I listen to a lot of stuff in fact. If I have to throw some names out I'll say: Beta State, Eminem, Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Lucas King, Blackmill, Mitis, Uppermost, Of Mice & Men, Razor Red Noise / In Viridian, Owl City, System Of A Down, Green Day, Boys Like Girls, Imagine Dragon, Killigrew, Mayday Parade, Simple Plan...
      Anyway I like a lot of different stuff. :D

      FIRST: I play on PC. But I don't hate console, I love both, but I just don't have a console because let's be honest, there is not a lot of game that are really interesting on the actual gen.
      I love a lot of stuff too here. The last game that I really liked was Dying Light. The gameplay is amazing even though I can't say that much about the optimisation...
      I'm also in love with Five Nights At Freddie's. The gameplay kinda suck. But the story behind it is amazing and it even made the gameplay enjoyable for me.
      I often play Counter Strike and the other source games like Garry's Mod. I'm also in love with the Half Life franchise even if I know that when Half-Life 3 will come out, the kids of my childrens will probably be dead and buried. Thanks Valve... I guess they are too busy putting microtransaction everywhere, even in the game that you payed (like: CS:GO with the crates...). Thanks a lot Valve.

      Also, I was waiting for the new Star Wars: Battlefront game until DICE said that the game will have Battlelog. Since then, I don't follow the game anymore. I think that anyone that had played Battlefield 3 or 4 can understand what I mean when I say that the Battlelog is by far, the worst idea that EA had since the "Gunclub" thing for MOH. And talking about the gunclub, if you put: gunclub.ea.com in the adress bar... You'll be redirected on the Battlelog. Coinsidence? I don't think so...
      So thanks to you too EA.
      Thanks for nothing of course.


      So. I think this is enough. If my fingers could insult me, I think that this is what they'll do right now. And if you read everything up to here. Thanks a lot. I don't think that a lot of people will do this. And I totally understand this people because this was really long. But I like to take my time for this kind of things.
      Anyway, I hope that we will all get along!

      Let's finish this is with a huge brofist for all of you people! :brofist:
    • Hello there Joshua :)
      Welcome to the broarmy forums ^^
      Wow, that was a FANTASTIC intro right there :D
      I just love how you laid out everything that we need to know about you ^^
      And so you are french, well just wait for other french bros to welcome you too :D
      I love french people :D <3
      Well, Hope you have a great time here and enjoy yourself. :D
      Feel free to hit up if you have questions ^^
      See ya around :)
      "For I am invisible in the crowd of strangers, will you ever see me in this unending sea of faceless people? Or will you too, ignore me and let me drown in this sorrow, and be forever tortured by solitude.."

    • Welcome, Namelesswing too broarmy.net
      The intro is quite splended and nice and i hope too see more in the future.
      But anyway welcome to the site and hope you make friends meaning in bro's/sister's on this site.
      If you are requiring of help getting around don't be around to contact someone that knows the site well. Maybe even on the chat rooms.
      Hope you read the rules~
      Enjoy your day.
      • ~Forsaken

      Even How Alone you are you are not forever alone. You have family and loved one's by your side. <3
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