The old Pewdiepie topic

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    • The old Pewdiepie topic

      Hello, bros!

      My name is Markoon, and I want to make a new threat about a topic that I know gets a lot of heat when it's mentioned. There is positive heat, and negative heat. And it's pretty much equally between the two heats. The topic is: The Old Pewdiepie.

      Now some of you might don't know what I am talking about, so I can give a short explanation. Basically almost all of the bros (including me) that subscribed to Pewdiepie back in the days when he was not popular, feels like he has been changing in to a youtuber that is not what he used to be, while the new subscribers says that he is the best at this point and that he is better now and makes better content now than before. So that is the topic or discussion if you want to call it that. Now I am going to post MY opinion and MY thoughts.

      For me, it seems like it has become a war between new subscribers and old subscribers. The new subscribers have not experienced what the old pewdiepie is like, therefore they say that he is changing and growing, therefore his content also changes. The old subscribers have this feeling that Pewdiepie has changed from Pewdiepie to some random guy that just plays indie games, laughs, swear and shouts. And I must agree with them. I subscribed to Pewdiepie because he was the only one that played horror games on youtube. After a year or two, he had almost played all of the solid and good horror games out there, and other youtubers was starting to base their channels on horror as well. Therefore, Pewdiepie started playing other games like Happy Wheels, The Walking Dead etc. And I'm sitting here with this feeling that he has tried to come up with a new thing; to play indie games, edit the shit out of them, scream and laugh and then people will laugh with him. This is really sad to see because he used to create such amazing content, but now.... There is nothing.

      And I'm 17 and I know that his videos might not be suited for me anymore. His videos probably goes better for 10-15 years old. There is nothing wrong with that, but I feel like if Pewdiepie has the 10-15 years old teenagers as his target, I wished he could announced that, because then I could unsubscribe and I would not bother with him anymore. But now I'm sitting with this hope that one day, I will se an Amnesia video in my sub-box, or maybe happy wheels, or it dosen't even have to be that. If it's just a new, serious series of a game, then I'm more than happy.

      And the reason why I write this post, is not because I'm hating, spamming or trolling. I care for Felix, that is why I write this. Because I have experienced "The old Pewdie" and I remember back when he said things in his videos that made us 100% sure that he would not turn into something like this.

      Thank you guys for reading my post, and I hope that you understand that this is not a hateful comment, it's just what I think. Please leave a respond below telling me what YOU think!

      - Markoon
    • yeah well i like his new videos where he plays funny/stupid games, but i still miss "the old pewds". I think it would be nice if he at least sometimes posted some horror games for example amnesia. He has not played it for a long time, so it would be kinda nice if he did a vid where he would play it.
      But if he does not go back to making the old videos, I will still be supporting him and watching his videos mostly because i think they are funny and they are great to watch for example after a long and stressful day at school or work.
      This is my opinion about it. c:

      i'm not always a horse, but when i am i get horneigh