Daemonical - Get scared with your friends!

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    • Daemonical - Get scared with your friends!

      Hi bros,

      I just wanted to show off the progress of our horror multiplayer game, called Daemonical. We are working on it for some time now, and we are preparing to show it off on a big conference here in Croatia. We are just a small, self-funded, two man team in it's core, working with couple of guys that do art and sounds for us.

      Game is perfect for let's players, because it will allow you to share your fears with your let's player colleagues.

      Game centers itself around 5 ordinary people stuck in a forest or some other kind of an outdoors map. The night is falling, and once it falls, one of them will become possesed by a demon. They don't know who it will be until it happens.

      The ones who remain human must either survive until the daylight comes, or light up a couple of holy altars in the forest in order to cleanse the forest of the evil. The demon must kill all the players before the day comes in order to use their blood to protect himself from the daylight.

      The human players can only repel the demon, or cripple him for a limited amount of time to escape, and they can't really straightforward kill him. They can do so by using fire (demon fears fire since he was burned in hell for centuries), or other evil repelants, like rock-salt loaded bullets.

      Humans are played in a first person mode, while demon is played in a third person. Demon is a powerful entity, fast, agile, and is able to climb trees.

      Game features in-game voice chat which is positional in 3d space, which will make everything much more realistic and immersive.

      What we are really trying to do is the first truly scary and immersive multiplayer game. While there are multiplayer horror games out there, rarely any are really scary, and some that are are very badly made and full of bugs.

      You can track our progress on our facebook page:

      Or twitter:
      Fearem (@FearemGames) | Twitter

      Or youtube:
      - YouTube

      Here is our latest development log:

      And here are a couple of screenshots:

      Hope you like it bros, feel free to give us feedback and suggestions!
    • Wow!
      This looks pretty fantastic, can't wait to try it out!
      Have you guys got greenlit yet? Or will you be having a non - Steam release?
      Also, which engine have you been using to make this? I've been making my Horror Game in Unreal Engine 4 , but this looks a lot like Unity, or possibly CryEngine. Either way it's looking good!
      Again, can't wait to see it live!