How would you describe your dream life?

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    • a Life where i sit in my handbuilt villa at a position where you can Watch out at the sea, with a mountain and forest around the Place, living with my wife and having 1-2 kids, a daughter/ son or both of them, being an architecture and helping other people by drawing them the Buildings......and when i mean help people i meant at other places where they don´t have a home and they dont get it fair, so thats why imma do my part make them happy to let myself be happy!

      P.S Nik is love, Nik is Life <3…Rv9Ckjc-FBsuE2_QU6LOCL-aU-

      a very tremendous Life changing with one instrument <3
    • Since everyone's perception of perfect is different, mine is to not have depression and to be able to live my life without fearing the outside world like I do now.

      I mean, the only time I venture outside now is to go to college. Not a great way to live, but meh
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

      If you need me, visit my about me section on my profile for my skype contact.
    • A life of freedom, where I can sit in front of a beautiful scenery with cool air brushing against my skin to find peace and smile at the thought of someone, but also a life of purpose, where I never stop learning and can make a contribution in some way, leaving the world a better place than when I found it, like becoming a researcher or a teacher.
    • Ah, well it depends which stage of life we're considering. I mean, it can't be all the same throughout 70-80 years right? In the very near future I'd want an active life with a bunch of new friends sharing the same interests as me and finally begin to do and learn what I really want. After that I'd want to continue learning about the stuff that interest me in the best places I'd be able to afford. Then of course finally have my dream job, advancing in life and having lots of friends and significant people in my life. I guess I could go on and plan up ahead but by experience I know that planning stuff like that never really works out (and I'm not mentioning this negatively). Stuff I dream about now my change after or I may have new goals depending on the circumstances. So to cut it short, I just want to be happy and have people around that make life for me more joyful.