Ha-ha-how's it going?

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    • Ha-ha-how's it going?

      Hey there bros!

      Kind of lazy so I'm just going to copy the bio I just put on my profile.

      A bro since early 2013. Found some girls from class playing Pewdie's
      gaming montage from February that year (my username's a small reference
      to it) and could not stop laughing at this funny guy playing video
      games. Had to ask them to spell his name, it sounded so weird!

      Over that year I watched all of Pewdie's videos from the the first to
      most recently uploaded...all the memories! I was surprised by the
      variety of gameplay on this channel. Amongst all the humourous videos,
      there were some games that Pewdie took a little more seriously at times,
      like The Walking Dead and To The Moon. My favourite playthrough on the
      channel, Shadow of the Colossus, was my introduction to the game and I'm
      obsessed with the soundtrack right now. Recently ordered the PS3

      Haven't been watching Pewds as much as I used to but I still consider
      myself a bro (which is why I joined up here). So yeah, short little
      history for me with PewDiePie videos :pewdie:
    • Hello there :D
      Welcome to the broarmy forums ^^
      I see, haha, I like your style kid XD
      Happy to have you here bro :D
      "For I am invisible in the crowd of strangers, will you ever see me in this unending sea of faceless people? Or will you too, ignore me and let me drown in this sorrow, and be forever tortured by solitude.."