FanFiction - BroTales: Pewds and The Strange Man

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    • FanFiction - BroTales: Pewds and The Strange Man

      Hey everyone,

      I spent a decent amount of time creating my fanfiction for the contest, but I missed it! However, I put a lot of time into it and I didn't want to just toss it away. So, I posted it here. Let me know what you think. *Brofist*

      BroTales: PewDiePie and The Strange Man (part 1)

      Somewhere in Sweden, there stood a quaint little apartment. Inside the quaint little apartment, there stood quaint little rooms. Inside one of the quaint little rooms, there sat a quaint little bed. Atop the quaint little bed, there laid a fabulous and quaint young man (quaint: definition: attractively unusual). Inside the fabulous and quaint young man, there nestled a quaint little dream. Inside the quaint little dream, there stood a very Strange Man...

      The Strange Man was shrouded in shadow and seemed to be interested in the quaint young man, as he seemed to stand there, motionless in the distance. However ominous the presence of the Strange Man felt to the quaint young man, the Strange Man's immobile figure never wavered. Although the quaint young man felt uneasy of the Strange Man's presence, he still didn't understand the context of the situation. Howbeit, the quaint young man found the context soon enough. As the Strange Man continued to stare, the quaint young man began to feel the full weight of his gaze. By some supernatural force, the Strange Man's glare began to sadden and demoralize the quaint young man, seeping into his heart like a poisoned vein.

      Beep... Beep... BEEP... BEEP!

      Felix awoke to the sound of his phone, buzzing frantically to wake him. "What the hell was that", Felix asked himself, obviously questioning the phantasmagoric severity of his dream and what it meant. In his sleepy stupor, he began to feel around for the device that emitted the annoying resonance.

      Try as he might, he could not locate the phantom-like beeping with his hand alone. Annoyed at this, Felix huffed and climbed out of bed to perform a more thorough search for his phone. Felix searched and searched, but he still couldn't find his phone and the sound of beeps and chirps were long gone now. Felix's fruitless search became more apparent to him as minutes passed, so he decided to search the fridge for sustenance instead and continue the pursuit for his phone later.

      On the way to the fridge, that feeling came back. It was the same feeling from the dream. It was a heavy feeling of worthlessness and sorrow that pierced his chest and sank arduously in his gut like a gelatinous glob of misery. Painful memories began bubbling to the surface of his consciousness and sinister feelings began to manifest. Gradually his thoughts became obscure and intrusive. The painful memories became distorted and transformed into grotesque specters of reality, forcing malevolent suggestions into his mind and venomous invitations of violence into his subconscious. These abhorrent feelings eventually reached their climax and the strain was simply too much for Felix to bear. His vision became blurred from the intensity of the burden and then there was nothing, but darkness…

      Dazed and confused, Felix awoke to a cold numbing sensation on his cheek. He opened his eyes to the scenery of linoleum tiles running parallel along the left side of him and continuing into the distance. It was difficult for Felix’s clouded mind to comprehend where he was and even more difficult to remember the series of events which led up to his current predicament. After Felix attempted to clean off the metaphorical molasses, which covered the - once clean - cogs and gears of his mind, he was finally able to deduce that the surface he was looking at was the kitchen floor and he had been laying on it.

      “What am I doing on the floor? Did I pass out”, Felix wondered.

      The scenery of linoleum began shifting right-side up as Felix picked himself up off of the floor, but as he did so, he heard the sudden sizzling and crackle of white noise emanating throughout his apartment, with subtle tones of an incomprehensible voice cutting in and out. Felix immediately began searching for the device which was producing the grainy sound, opening up every door and cabinet he could think of, but his search proved difficult because the noise didn’t seem to have an origin; but rather seemed to emanate from everywhere. Then he realized that the only place which he hadn’t searched yet was his bedroom.

      Felix walked – confidently – to his closed bedroom door, but as his palm clasped the cold metal of the handle, he hesitated; while bitter chills ran down his spine. Whether these chills were simply his body’s response to the uncomfortable temperature change or chills of foreboding, Felix did not know, but it did make him reconsider his decision for a moment. “This is stupid”, Felix exclaimed, “What am I expecting to see on the other side of my door”; he continued, shaking the feeling off like an inconvenient annoyance.

      The tinkering tumblers and springs of the lock creaked as Felix slowly turned the knob in his hand and when the sliding latch of the knob released, the painted door made a shuttering crack – which echoed throughout the cramped corridor all around him – as it parted from the frame. Then the crackling sound of static suddenly ceased. Felix pushed the door open the rest of the way and the door moaned loudly as it swung open, slowly revealing the room as it continued its journey toward the adjacent wall.

      Felix wished he had listened to that feeling of foreboding he had felt only moments ago because the scene that stood before him, he was not ready for…

      “This isn’t possible”, Felix said, while starring at a humanoid figure hanging from a noose above his bed. The resemblance of the figure’s appearance – to himself – was uncanny, it looked just like him. Felix stood there, just outside of the room, starring in disbelief at the avatar of his future events swaying back and forth from a rope like a broken pendulum of misfortune. “N-no”, Felix said, “This can’t be happening”. Finally giving in to the horrors that will befall him, his mind broke and was sent tumbling down a rabbit hole of madness.

      Then it came back just as quickly as it had left, that sound, that terrible sound of white clamor returned, but it was nearly ear-piercing this time and increasing in volume; rising to a crescendo of unperceivable turbulence. The brutality of the noise would send any average mind spiraling into agony, but Felix remained unmoved. His mind was far too gone to respond to any stimuli, large or small. To be continued...