Audio and Video out of Sync (Premiere, Bandicam, Youcam 5, Audition)

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  • Audio and Video out of Sync (Premiere, Bandicam, Youcam 5, Audition)

    So I'm trying to edit my newest video and I did things a bit differently.

    I recorded webcam with no audio in Youcam 5 avi format. I recorded audio with my headphone mic in adobe audition. and I recorded gameplay with bandicam.

    When I sync up my video and audio they slip out of sync toward the end of the clip. They both have the same sample rate 44.1khz


    After hours of screwing around with it I figured out how to fix it. I"ll leave this up in case other people have this problem.

    "If the sound and video were recorded separately, it's possible that they will drift apart over time. This can happen if the recording mechanisms have slightly different record/playback speeds. In this case you will need to adjust the speed of the audio or video slightly to compensate." -mediacollege

    Step 1: Have bandicam record audio in separate track from internal mic.

    Step 2: Place both your microphone audio from audacity or audition and your bandicam internal mic audio into the tracks 1 and 2 in editing software

    Step 3: Sync up the beginning

    Step 4: Skip to the end of your long clip, change the speed of your microphone (right click, speed/duration) and speed it up ever so slightly until both waveforms match up.

    Step 5: Delete the crappy audio, keep your microphone audio. Finish editing.'


    So alas I've come across this problem again and the speed doesn't fix it. I'm at a loss.

    I record with bandicam and audition. And they fall out of sync.

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