Looking for three songs

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  • Looking for three songs

    Hey bros,
    I'm looking for some songs Pewds used in his videos recently.

    First one:
    MY PLEDGE. - YouTube
    It's the outro song beginning at 2:32
    I knew he uses this for some time now, but it just recently catched my ear and I'm curious now what's it called.

    Second one:
    The ambient guitar song throughout the video beginning at 0:21.
    Really hope someone knows it, can't get that one out of my head anymore...

    Third one:
    It's the acoustic guitar song beginning at 1:27
    He also uses this for some time now, I'm also looking for this like for weeks already.

    I tried to figure out the songs with some song recognition software, but Pewds' voiceover makes it quite impossible for it to figure out the songs.

    Thanks for any help :)

    PS. In general I think we should have a database of songs Pewds used, there's lot of awesome stuff he uses.