Making Videos in a Dorm

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  • Making Videos in a Dorm

    I will be leaving to college soon and will have to live in a dorm room with lots of neighbors and a roommate. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where or how I can keep making videos? I can do a basic let's play playthrough but any scary, funny, or rage games will be hard because I get loud at times.

  • Well i checked out your channel and i think that you won't have much problem at all.You are still starting out so i think if you put out daily content so far,it won't be fatal if you start putting up videos less than before.

    Of course the noise will be the biggest problem.I feel you here cause i shared my whole life my room with the rest of the family (mainly my brother) and that gave me problems to record,so i left youtube for better times.

    So depends on what you want,to postpone your youtube for when you have more free time, or put out videos of questionable quality.