Corpse Party Book of Shadows part 3?

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    • Well, you have to understand that some of the episodes are about 4 hours long. He films them in sub-sections, and on top of that, there's editing, and his microphone, then the camera and the audio. It will also take extremely long to upload. Don't put pressure on him, the video should be up soon! ^>^
      - AnimeLover1245 <3 :brofist: :thumbsup:
    • I have no doubt that he has quit playing the game. Any games in which he just doesn't end up liking. He stops playing them. There are many games in which have not been completed by him. Even if they were nearing the end of game for some reason he doesn't finish the game. Then every time you will see that he makes a whole lot of unrelated game uploads loads of them in short amount of time. In which none of them are relating to any game series just random game-play's. That he uses to simply bury the series. He never even started a playlist for the game. Also it has been 30 video's from now since he has played Chapter 2. Which all this always leads me to believe at least that it's seemingly he does this to get people's minds off the game he has just recently quit. The more he draws them away from the series and the quicker he does it the less likelihood of it becoming a major issue amongst his fans. It's just a method he has been using for a long time with his channel.

      ~Hello bro's my names ~PewDieQuit~ and I am not for f***s sake finishing Book Of Shadows... like seriously bro's it's f***ing disgusting.. like seriously WTF is wrong with you. I can't believe anyone would ever want me continuing that game. Instead Bro's today I will be playing *Insert game name here*. :/

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