Fellow Youtuber from the UK Brofist

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    • Fellow Youtuber from the UK Brofist

      Hej! I'm new here but a long time viewer just dropping by to introduce myself and say hello to you guys.

      I guess I should give some not too indepth information about myself.

      I'm 24
      Love doing Athletic stuff such as MMA, Kickboxing, Judo
      I make Daily Videos on teh YooToobz You can find a Link to that Below me

      Fave Series of games atm has to be the Souls Series unfortunatley Dark Souls 1 doesnt agree with my computer during recordings So I mainly play Dark Souls 2 and PvP.. ALOT!
      I work somewhere with a strong Swedish background, Have a guess where.

      Also I just wanted to say keep up the videos man if your reading this Felix your videos have helped a great deal of people through some dark times including myself by making us laugh.


      I like Big Butts and I cannot Lie.

      Daily Dark Souls Videos --> Ghillie Gaming
      - YouTube