I Could Use the Bro Army's Help

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    • I Could Use the Bro Army's Help

      Hey Bro's,

      So I'm not really new here i look through the forums every so often but I've never registered an account. but something happened to me and my family recently and its just been hard on all of us. right before christmas my dad was in a really bad accident at work, he fell 25ft into a well at one of his pumping stations. he had to be air lifted to UMMC shock trauma in baltimore. he sufferd a broken left leg from his knee down, fractured ribs, brused interal organs, and some miner interal bleeding. workmans comp is taking its sweet time to kick in, we've gone up and visited him twice a week an that got hard on us. but finally after so long he's returning but wont be coming home he'll be going into a rehab center to get the movement back to his leg. much closer to where we live. the reasion why i'm posting is beacuse i need the bro army's help. before my dad's accident we where working on some bad spots of our house. but with hardly any money coming in we dont have the funds. i can do the repair work myself having learned from my dad over the years. but our steps leading up to our house are in disrepair our kitchen and living room need a floor and we still have one spot to finish up in our bathroom. but i know they inspect houses before they let rehab patients come home with an injury like his and with our house like it is they wont let him stay here.

      so i'm asking for help any help would be loved a share a donation any little bit helps right now. and as its looking now we have about 2 months or so before his rehab is finished. gofund.me/j54g18

      thank you so much for reading my post. and sorry for any typo's