How did you meet your first love?

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    • How did you meet your first love?

      I was sitting on a bench in school when I saw her. She was wearing a One Piece Shirt and my first thoughts were: "She either watches anime or she's from those girls who does and wears whatever the big brother or the boyfriend." When I was talking with one of my friends I mentioned anime and she jumped up and asked me if I watch too. I said yes and from that moment we started talking about many things every day. Until one day we realised that we liked each other. Well it ended quickly by the time she dumped me for a friend of mine and we don't talk anymore but everything happens for a good reason cause now I realised how so much diffrent we were. Unfortunatly just one common hobby isn't enough to hold a couple together.

      So what about you bros?

      How did you met your first love?

      What happened after that? (If you don't wanna talk about it it's okay I fully respect that :D :brofist: )
    • I met my first love when i was in summer camp.

      We became an item for 5 days and then it is actually the most memorable one in my whole life.

      he first asked me if i had my first k--- and then i said no, and later that night, he confessed.

      I was so shocked that i cant breathe in open air! :D

      After that, we became an item... then split... then i learned he has cancer... then together... then split... then together again...

      ......until he passed away on January 2, 2015.

      You know... I could have given more time with him if i has the chance... because now i want to sit beside him and say "I love you" again... :(
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    • Honestly, I met him through Facebook somehow..years ago. We officially met at my 15th birthday party and after that day we decided to date. We're not together anymore, and for the most part the relationship was great. A couple months before our year anniversary, though, he started to become emotionally abusive. Yeah, I stuck around for some reason..but that's when I started talking to a old friend again and he helped me see I didn't need to live with that. So after our year anniversary is finally when I broke it off and he caused so much hell, but I'm so glad I had Cory by my side to get me through it.
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    • Would it be clique to say Band Camp?

      I met my love and also screwed everything up. I still know and talk to him but we can't seem to ever be together. When he first asked how I felt about dating I was a freshmen who had never had a bf so I said that I would rather focus on studies. I knew that I would go out with him if he asked but he the asked one of my friends out. Later that month he confessed and said that he really liked me and my comment about dating made him think I had no interest in him. We still talk and we are still an item but for some reason it has never worked out. I am thinking of telling him that I really like him but I am afraid of the answer. =/
      I'm dying on the inside and he doesn't seem to care