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    • Reap What You Sow

      P L O T

      It's not a complicated story. You know what you did to have everyone shun you from society, calling you a freak of nature, fearing every step you took. At first you thought it felt great to be feared by all these people. Not even your worst enemy would so much as glance at you. You felt like the king/queen of the world. That was until these horrid nightmares began occurring to you. Every night you'd go to sleep, the same memory of that unforgivable thing would always come to your mind preventing you from having a good night sleep. Every day you felt yourself becoming more and more unstable, your mind not being able to cope with the guilt of your crime. It wasn't long before two men in white coats knocked at your door and told you to accompany them to a place where you'll feel much much better. Bachenrie Nile Boarding Institution.

      At first, with the calm and collected way that the two men in coats had approached you, you thought this Bachenrie institution wouldn't be so bad. That was until you got there. There were more kids there all around your age. Some seemed normal, other had some kinds. Staring you down as if you were a 5 star course meal, growling at you as if you were crossing their territory, you even crossed some rooms which emitted terrifying shrieks of angst from the inside. You start to question why you were really brought to this place, and they explain to you just that. One of the coated men began to speak:
      "Welcome to Bachenrie Nile Boarding Institution. We heard about your little. . ." He paused, turning to you with a senile smile. ". . .predicament. We are willing to provide you help and closure for what you have done and for what we know you are experiencing" The tall man turns his body to completely face you. He holds both his hands together and smiles politely. "Will you be taking our offer?" You scoff and roll your eyes. With what you saw just now? You couldn't stand being another second in this place. You firmly tell them no, confident and stubborn about dealing with your own problems. They on the other hand, didn't take your answer quite well. "Why i'm sorry but you have no choice but to stay. You've already come this far haven't you?" Before you can even utter another word, you feel a sharp cold pain on the side of your neck. You reach your hand back to feel what it was and touch a gloved hand. Another man wearing a coat staring down at you with sinister eyes. It all felt like a bad dream. Your eyelids didn't want to cooperate and were feeling heavy, your vision blurred and both your arms and legs felt like jelly. It wasn't long before the darkness completely enveloped your body.

      You start to feel yourself gaining consciousness once more. Your head throbbed and your eyes were immediately blinded by a bright white. Am I dead? Was the first thought that crossed your mind as you gripped your aching head and throbbing neck. Your eyes slowly adjust to your surroundings. It was a room with gray walls and pure white furniture. Nothing too extravagant; only a wardrobe, a night stand, a lamp, and a bed. This wasn't your room. Flashes of what had happened before you passed out slowly returned to you and you begin to panic. Why was this happening? Was it because the crime you committed? You try to calm yourself as much as you can; this was not going to be something you were looking forward to.

      Bachenrie Nile Boarding Institute is an institution for young teens who have committed terrible crimes in their lives and have lost their minds thinking about the guilt. Bachenrie Nile hold the most down low criminals to the craziest. Each divided with bracelets that will shock you if attempted to remove. You join a group of fellow patients attempting to escape this boarding institute, will you be able to make it out alive or will you go completely mad before you step out the doors to freedom?

      R U L E S
      • You can make up to 2 characters. It isn't mandatory though. If you would like to make two characters then they'd have to be of the opposite gender
      • Your character isn't god so don't make them to overpowered. (ex. He sensed the bullet coming towards him) You don't sense a bullet. You get shot and you die. Common sense.
      • Don't control other people's characters actions without their permission. You have your own character, use it.
      • Don't kill off anyone's character without permission. If your character dies you are free to make another one if you please
      • I'm not really strict with rules and what not since I enjoy watching everything just go by freely
      • Not so much as a rule but a note: I haven't roleplayed here before, I've read all the rules but if i'm doing anything wrong please inform me right away~
      B r a c e l e t C o l o r s

      Green Bracelet
      Green bracelets are quickly recovering patients. Their symptoms and cases aren't as bad and their crimes probably reach from harming other people severely but not killing them. They are the easiest to tame and the ones that Bachenrie Nile takes pride in. Their envied by the yellow bracelets due to their special treatment. Despite being favored by the white coats though, they are still not favored enough to be set free.​

      1: [open]

      Yellow Bracelet
      The yellow bracelets are a little more on the cooky side. They were the ones that couldn't handle their guilt very well. The yellow bracelet's crimes go as far as killing around 4 people. They have a bit of a temper and are dangerous to be around when angered. The white coats keep a close eye on them, wanting to make sure they stay within their boundaries. Thankfully, they still have a dose of their sanity within them.

      1: [open]
      2: [open]
      3: [open]

      Red Bracelet
      The red bracelets are far beyond recovering. They have completely lost their minds and are insane. The red bracelets are the most dangerous bracelets of all seeing as they won't hesitate to kill you within the blink of an eye. They are paranoid and can't be trusted; yet since they have been in Banchenrie the longest, the escapees usually turn to them for help. Usually; the red bracelets are killed after a few experiments, only two remain at the moment.

      1: [open]
      2: [open]
      3: [open]

      C h a r a c t e r P r o f i l e
      (Copy and paste the following form to make your character, delete the parenthesis *( ) please and be creative~)

      Source Code

      1. [size=10]​[b]Appearance:[/b][/size]
      2. [/align][align=center][size=10](image is [/size]preferred[size=10], but if you'd like to do a description that's fine too)[/size]
      3. [size=10][b]Name:[/b][/size]
      4. [size=10](your characters first and last name; pretty self e[/size]xplanatory, feel free to add a nickname also)
      5. [size=10][b]Age:[/b][/size]
      6. [size=10](I would like them to be around 15-17 years old)[/size]
      7. [size=10][b]Gender:[/b][/size]
      8. [size=10](male, female, binary, whatever floats your boat)[/size]
      9. [size=10][b]Personality:[/b][/size]
      10. [size=10](Be creative and make them distinctive)[/size]
      11. [size=10][b]Biography:[/b][/size]
      12. [size=10](maybe a little about their past. This is completely optional though and can be deleted if you do not wish to do it)[/size]
      13. [size=10][b]Bracelet Color:[/b][/size]
      14. [size=10](is your babe a green bracelet, yellow bracelet, or red bracelet?)[/size]
      15. [size=10][b]Affiliations:[/b][/size]
      16. [size=10](this includes friends, rivals, love interest. All the characters should be at least acquainted with each other; but that doesn't [/size]necessarily[size=10] mean that they have to like each other. Before the rp starts, ask people if they want to be friends or enemies with your character.)[/size]
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      (your characters first and last name; pretty self explanatory, feel free to add a nickname also)

      (I would like them to be around 15-17 years old)

      (male, female, binary, whatever floats your boat)

      (Be creative and make them distinctive)

      (maybe a little about their past. This is completely optional though and can be deleted if you do not wish to do it)

      Bracelet Color:
      (is your babe a green bracelet, yellow bracelet, or red bracelet?)

      (this includes friends, rivals, love interest. All the characters should be at least acquainted with each other; but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have to like each other. Before the rp starts, ask people if they want to be friends or enemies with your character.)
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      I honestly don't understand this site at all OTL

    • I'll give this a chance. Also, I apologize for not writing this in the style you probably intended. I just prefer this method.

      Appearance: An average height, pale individual with messy blonde hair and incredibly squinty, almost completely closed eyes that are just about impossible to tell the color of. Given a free choice of attire, he tends to wear a grey sport jacket, dark green undershirt, plain blue jeans, and steel-toe boots. He is rarely seen without his sapphire pendant.

      Name: Finnian Serégon.

      Age: 17.

      Gender: Male.

      Personality: Finnian is a people person if you've ever seen one, despite going apparently batshit crazy; It's actually quite hard to tell if he's lost it. One would assume he is rapidly recovering, but others say he's merely acting like he is. He is almost always polite, loves jokes, and prefers to make friends and overall be a nice guy. However, numerous psychiatrists have stated that this cheerfulness is merely an act. Who knows what he could be thinking under that cheery persona? One must be cautious. On another note, he displays a certain awareness to what he refers to as "the fourth wall"... But such a thing is absolutely preposterous. Who in their right mind would think his life was guided by some guy at a laptop, and that he was somehow ripping off a comic book character?

      Biography: Finnian refuses to disclose any information further than his crimes, which amounted to being responsible for multiple deaths that he insists were, at first, mostly accidental. Even his last name appears to be false, so there is no luck in finding his family. He has stated he felt no remorse for the death of anyone but his brother and sister; Cyrus and Sylvia, respectively. It should also be noted that the bodies of those two have yet to be discovered.

      Bracelet Color: Yellow. Would've been green, but it was decided that one should err on the side of caution in dealing with him.

      Affiliations: Just about everyone (that may or may not be a player character) knows and at the very least tolerates him; He isn't exactly the kind of person people can hate very easily. Even the white coats can at times find it difficult not to favor him, though they still remain very wary.

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    • (Hopefully this is good enough. I came up with most of it on the spot.)

      Name: Ayra "Smiles" Xeliaria

      Appearance: (Look at my profile picture) Ayra is petite and of Filipino ethnicity. She has tan skin; long, messy black hair that is usually tied in a braid and rests on her right shoulder; dark brown, slightly bloodshot eyes; a slight glasgow smile with small stitches and a scar that is hidden by her braid. Her normal attire consists of a long-sleeved, black sweater; black, baggy, winter tracksuit pants and bandages that completely cover her hands and feet. Underneath, she has many scars from experimentations and tends to wear many bandages. Her neck is also covered in bandages, so the only skin she really shows is her face. Her ears are pierced with black studs on her lobes. Her bracelet is used as an anklet on her left ankle.

      Age: Seventeen

      Gender: Female

      Personality: Ayra, at first, seems like an approachable person within the institution to newcomers due to her 'friendly' demeanour. To newcomers, she seems nonviolent, softly-spoken, friendly and more sane than many of the residents. She never fails to smile and treat even the most deranged as perfectly cvilised people. Many (who are new) have come to find that they're most comfortable around her, as she's capable of being a mediator if asked. However, Ayra's true personality is much darker than that. She's manipulative, selfish, sadistic, ruthless, morbid, insane, etc. Because she is one of the patients who has been in the institution for the longest, she knows many secrets of the place and its residents. She views people as toys or objects that amuse her and sees no reason to feel guilt for it. Ayra rarely trusts people, but can be trusted to keep information of people secret is she is compensated (through favours or art materials). Murder and torture are acts that Ayra is easily able to commit, even finding amusement and fascination in people's reactions. She views it as her 'art', which she finds extremely beautiful. Their screams are her music, their bodies are her canvas and her tools are her brushes. Residents of the institution often attempt to stay on Ayra's good side since she has manipulated quite a few white coats into letting her 'experiment' on patients. Despite her insanity, she is intelligent, having studied psychology and the human body.

      Biography: Ayra was always an artistic person. She loved acting, writing and drawing ever since she was a child. However, her single mother always took away her artistic passions and often made her study to become a doctor or psychiatrist. Ayra would always smile, which is why people nicknamed her 'Smiles'. She would often bottle up her emotions and true feelings, adapting to the people around her to seem like she was normal.

      Unfortunately, she hadn't realised that having no way to remove the stress of the building pressure was a bad idea. The result was her snapping when her mother had been scolding her for not getting a good grade at age twelve. Screaming uncontrollably, Ayra grabbed the nearest object (a lamp) and began to bludgeon her mother to death. The screaming soon turned into laughter as she realised that the colour of blood was beautiful.

      Staring at her mother, she smiled and whispered "You see, mother? I painted you and made you beautiful."

      This new-found 'hobby' of hers continued as she hid her mother's body in the basement and resumed life as if it was normal. Ayra would often 'befriend' people from her school or pretend to be lost on the street to get her victims in her house. She would proceed to 'sketch' them by torturing them and being fascinated by the human body, then 'paint' them by violently murdering them. Ayra would often visit her mother's rotting corpse and speak to it, telling the corpse about her day or who she should paint next... but the corpse would stare at her blankly, she would hear her mother's voice whispering about how much of a disappointment her daughter was; how if she was alive and her daughter hadn't of murdered her, she would've been proud of her newfound interest in people. Guilt. She felt it then, but the emotion was foreign and strange and she didn't want it at all!

      Ayra tried to 'paint' some more to get rid of the guilt, but it wouldn't work, it wasn't working and it was pissing her off. It was eating at her and making her paintings sloppy! It was irritating, it was so goddamn irritating! The perfectionist in her hated the sloppiness caused by the guilt. The logical side of her told her she needed to calm down or something bad would happen. Then the white coats came.

      She was taken to Bachenrie Nile Boarding Institution only weeks before her thirteenth birthday. Her 'hobby' had only been in fruition for a few months, but the amount of victims was overwhelming for a child. This place, she realised quickly, did make her feel better. At least...about the guilt. The guilt was no longer there after a few months of the white coats' experimenting. Her smile would never go away now, she was free from those pitiful emotions. Her latest wound was a glasgow smile, which caused the residents to use her nickname instead of her real name. They soon forgot her real name.

      Years at Bachenrie shaped Ayra, made her more dangerous. She gave up trying to escape when she was younger, the experimentations were becoming too much for her small body and she was sick of it, but the benefits of staying at the institution caused her to stay. At seventeen, Ayra has become infamous within the institution and integrated herself as one of the patients capable of 'experimenting' on other patients.

      Bracelet Color: Red. New people usually assume that Ayra's bracelet is yellow at first, but are often told that her actual colour is red.

      Affiliations: Some white coats are fond of Ayra (more than likely are manipulated) and will often do tasks like finding out information of other patients, employees, etc.

      She is affiliated with many other patients, having done favours for them in return of a favour or something similar. They usually view her as an associate rather than a friend or enemy. (If anyone wants to be affiliated with Ayra, please tell me)

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    • Name: N'vile Walker

      Appearance: N'vile has a darkish blue hair, light colored blue pupils to match. He wore a black long sleeved shirt with a blue tie around his neck, white denim pants with some ripped holes near the knee and pocket locations. His fingers were all wrapped with a silky white material, fabric you would find a bow to have. His mouth was half cut where one showed a closed smile while the other showed teeth, like half of his mouth was ripped off. (Click Here for Example)

      Age: Sixteen

      Gender: Male

      Personality: N'vile hides his secret dark side of him behind a quiet and shy lifestyle. He uses a friendly gesture and speaks to people like a normal kid would. Though, his dark crimes and style could pop out at anytime, making him almost lose it. Most symptoms of this consists of him scratching at the neck or face. N'vile can be found a lot crawling around and most of the time have the watchful eyes on him a lot. Some may find him in vents, corners, and random locations around the institute. His instinct of leaving a massacre in his way is a rare occurrence for him. He also most seem to describe as "thinking....always thinking" as he watches most with a hawk eye vision,staring straight into their souls as if reading their own minds.

      Biography: No one really knows much of his past, neither do they predict his distant future. All that is recorded down is that he woke up in the middle of the night and grab the butcher knife from the kitchen. N'vile walked into his parent's bedroom and repeatedly stabbed them in the neck area until their entire head was sliced and licked clean off their bodies, pillows and sheets soaked with human blood.

      He hung his parents heads outside on the porch and went into his little brothers room, in which he picked up and brought outside with him. The kid was crying and he patted his head and rocked him. He was only two years old and Nvile rocked and made him fall to sleep.When the cops arrived they told brought him to jail and questioned him about his actions. They asked why he killed his parents and he didn't replied and continued to stare into the camera for at east two whole minutes. Finally replying, he said that his parents were abusive to him and his brother and he had nothing to lose. Before he was taken away to the insitute he asked one favor and it was to protect his little brother and no one was aloud to touch him but himself.

      Anyone that touches his little brother he does not hesitate to try and kill.

      Bracelet Color: Red. He has shown no signs of recovery and will never show any signs again

      Affiliations: He rarely talks to anyone and if he does, it ends up with blood in his hands as most want to make fun of him or try to hurt him in a way.

      Symmetry is Everything ~Death the Kid