Fireboy and Watergirl

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    • Fireboy and Watergirl

      Hey Pewds,
      I would like to suggest Fireboy and Watergirl to you and Marzia.

      Basic Info:
      Fireboy and Watergirl is a multiplayer platform strategy game. One plays as fireboy and the other as watergirl, and then you have to work together to reach the goal.
      On the website they describe it this way:
      In each temple the boy and girl must run and jump between fire and water, you should know that Fireboy is immune to fire, so he can step freely in pools of boiling lava, but he must be careful from stepping into water. Watergirl is resistant to pools of water, but gets hurt when stepping in the lava. Both charachters should beware of any other puddle on the way (green or black). At each screen the goal is to get to the doors which will lead you to the next room in the temple. The Fireboy should come to the door marked in red and the Watergirl should find her way to the door marked with a blue sign. On their way, both characters should collect diamonds that have the same color as themselves. In stages marked with a diamond, both girl and boy should collect the green diamond. The faster you get to the doors of each screen the higher score and ranking you will get.

      To find a solution for each screen, you have to step on buttons to trigger lifts, push boxes and bricks to help climb higher and move switches. In the temple of light Watergirl and Fireboy can adjust the light rays through the prisms and mirrors to direct them to the light-sensitive sensors, and by that be able to change the different doors and components on the screen.


      Where to find it

      Stay awesome :brofist: