Pewds Appreciation

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    • Pewds Appreciation

      I just wanted to start a Forum where We express Our Gratitude to the Bro Prime (First of the Bro Army and Founder thereof) in the Form of Sharing how and/or when/what He's done Specifically to be appreciated. Also: I'd like this to be, out of respect for Mister Kjellberg, Devoid of Idolization, "Hero Worship", and otherwise Implying that He's not a Normal Bro like the Rest of Us. So basically: Speak Fondly without making Him out to be Divine or Perfect? He's Inspired Me to be Myself, REGARDLESS of how Eccentric I am or Judgmental others can be. Thanks Pewds, You make Me Laugh when all I want is to Cry. *BROFIST* :thumbsup:
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