Final Fantasy VI

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    • Final Fantasy VI

      Hi, Pewdiepie,

      I would suggest you to play Final Fantasy VI! :thumbsup:

      Never heard of it? ?( Well, let me give you some information on the game and reviews.


      Long ago, the War of the Magi reduced the world to a scorched wasteland, and magic simply ceased to exist.
      1000 years have passed....Iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns.
      But there are some who would enslave the world by reviving the dread destructive force known as 'magic'.
      Could it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?

      Final Fantasy VI is a must for rpg gamers. Even 20 years old now (so it is normal that the graphics are old), many people say it is still the best RPG of all time. Good gameplay, nice story and characters, best antagonist, that is why I suggest you to play this JRPG.

      The battle system is ATB (active time battle). Here are some videos of FF6 gameplay:

      Top RPG
      Best RPGs Ever #5 (<- this link seems to be not working, remove the "(talking") #1

      Final Fantasy III (Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo) Review - Nintendo Life
      Final Fantasy VI Reviews - GameSpot
      Note: Some may say "Final Fantasy III", but it is still the same game: It was originally released in America as Final Fantasy III, but changed to the real Japan name: Final Fantasy VI

      Finally, I, and many of us (bros), would like you to play this game. How do you get it? The best way to get the game is via the playstation store on PS4 (or PS3). You can download it via apple store, but I find it less good than the one on PS Store. :thumbsup:

      Brofist :brofist:

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