What makes a good zombie game??

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    • What makes a good zombie game??

      In the past we have had zombie games.
      The Walking Dead game, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, The Last of Us, Lollipop Chainsaw, DayZ, and many more.
      They have made us scared, made us cry, and made us laugh.
      But, to you, what makes a good zombie game?

      Do you like to be scared out of your mind?
      Do you like to laugh till it hurts?
      Do you like a emotional story?
      Prepared or do you have no supplies?
      Fast or slow zombies?
      Zombie with weapons or do they not know how to use weapons?
      Do you like a group or do you like to fight zombies on there your own?

      Include everything you think should be in a good zombie game (you don't have to answer all of these), add things you like in a zombie game.

      Also, what is your favorite zombie game?

      Thank you for your replies in advance!
    • Good example of a zombie game : The Last of Us. regarding the storyline and such, although they aren't really the classical zombie bunch, common 'zombie rules' still apply.

      Bad example of a zombie game : Games like Infestation and games like Left 4 Dead (although it's fun to play, the latter it is).

    • I think it depends on the type of zombie game. Take DayZ and The Last of Us. One is completely controlled by the players themselves so the experience is unique, where as the other has a deep story line with characters you can get attached too. Both work really well.

      I prefer games like DayZ where they are more reliant on the players using what the game provides to create their own scenarios. You need a vast map with plenty of zombies, lots of melee weapons and some ranged weaponry. A crafting system is a must have, along with base building. Vehicles is something that depends on the game, but they should usually be in the game :D Also there must be that risk of loosing everything with just one small wrong decision as thats what makes the games intense.

      At the moment it would have to be Unturned as It is great fun to play and has most things there and Is getting more stuff added and its free which is a bonus :D I really want H1Z1 though. That looks amazing.
      Eddie out.
    • Ok im going to say what everyone else said 'The Last of Us' i mean that game had alot of things most zombie games didnt have, like (ok tell me this didnt happen) we all loved Ellie ok deep down inside we all loved her and it was nice to actually feel like you needed to protect her in a way and i though she was damm funny even though zombies were like everywhere.

      Also i like how that some zombie games take actual place in like cities in the US like in The Last Of Us it was pretty cool to see Los Angeles in ruins during the apocolapse.
      "Yea just..... just dont die ok ok"

    • I think a good zombie game needs to be classic... Snes Style.... Frustrating as hell and hard that makes you whip the cartridge across the room. :P

      None of these first person crap, make it third person and chaotic, hard to control and watch the player struggle :P