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    • AOT or SNK Rp


      Before I start this im am going to say yes im a huge nerd with a slight obsession with anime....... just a lil bit....
      And yes as my name entails I make things really really awkward so.... your entering at your own risk....

      No immortality or godmode. (I will personally hurt you if you do.. lol jk.... srsly don't though.)
      No killing a character with out characters permission ( DONT GO EATING PEOPLE LIKE CRAZY!!)
      Don't Rp without me accepting your character!! (don't panic if I don't accept right away either... we all have busy times)
      Don't be a hater (don't hate on someones character plz they might have took the whole week to make their OC )
      Warning: if you haven't watched the whole AOT season 1 yet watch it first. Their might be spoilers

      Full Name:
      Birthplace: (ex. Shiganshina District, Wall Maria)
      Family members: (relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins, ect..) (if they are dead then you might want to include that in your backstory)
      What Military Squad do u want to be in: (Since you just got out of training..)
      Love Intrest:
      Titan appearance:(if shifter)

      Heres my OC so I can Rp with you awesome people!!

      Full Name: Saya Dekamori
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      BIrthday: December 12th
      Birthplace: Shiganshina District, Wall Maria
      Family members: Leiko (Mother), Hidetoshi (Father), Koji ( Older Brother), Toshiko and Tokiwa ( Younger twin sisters)
      What Military Squad do u want to be in: Scouting Legion
      Skills: Saya her father and her brother worked for a fishing group and had to haul fish from Wall Maria to Wall Rose so Saya has some muscle.
      Apperance: She has long black hair with green eyes she's short about 5'4 ( but yet still taller than Levi XD, plz don't kill me Levi...)
      Backstory: (at age 11) After the fall of Wall Maria her house was destroyed as her Mom and her two sisters where eaten by Titans, as the military tried to get her and her brother Koji to safety she knew her father was still out there so she ran out to find him only to see he was protecting a fellow neighbor and was going to be eaten in the process. As she saw her father being picked up by the Titan she ran towards him but a man from the Scouting Legion came and saved her. The titan ate her fathe as the man pulled her away.
      Personality: Funny, Serious at times but can still have fun, has some anger issues (just a lil bit), is a nerd (her and Armin would get along so fking well!!),

      Titan appearance: Basically the whole Female Titan body (duh) but she has short black hair with green wide eyes. (Why am I thinking of kawaii titan?)


      *Attack on Titan opening plays*
      :P :P
      "Yea just..... just dont die ok ok"

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    • Full Name: Cassius Larring Pendleton
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male, duh
      BIrthday: 5/18/
      Birthplace: Wall Maria
      Family members: Lara (An old classmate, who just vanished one day, never to be seen again), Monroe (a vagrant that helped him survive for the first 10 years of his life)
      What Military Squad do u want to be in: Garrison (assuming thre will be chaos that will probably lead to this no longer being of importance)
      Apperance: (since there is no little game to make these characters... btw that might be easier to describe your character... just sayin') Slightly shorter with an average build. Little to no muscle, but the odd thing that stands out is the small gash underneath his left eye, and has slightly longer and rather straggly black hair. One eye is red, the other is blue
      Backstory: He was orphaned as a child (disowned for his freakish eyes... horrible parents, really.) and found by an old man on the streets when he was... "accidentally" put in an alleyway rather than an actual adoption home. The vagrant taught him a few things while Cassius lived with him... Life isn't fair, Everyone deserves a second chance, there is change in human nature and there is a side to every one of us that no one should know... also that he was an astounding locksmith and amature swordsmith in the past, and managed to pass on what he knew. When Cassius was just 10, his father figure died. He had already been getting picked on at school, since he was stuck in rags and had next to nothing to eat, until Lara, a rather popular girl had shown up. Despite what he had learned, he expected Lara to hurt him more. Even though he acted rather harsh to her, expecting to need to defend himself, she showed kindness. One day, when Cassius was not paying attention on his way home, Lara followed him, and left a small basket of fruit, fish, and sweets. She left a note and they began to bond... until she vanished. She had just one day disappeared without a trace. Not sure of anything anymore, Cassius went into a state of just being quite, barely responding to anyone.... but he almost always wore his favorite suit, given to him by lara. Slowly he hardened as a person from having to defend himself so much agains bullies and whatnot. He decided to join the military, but couldn't bring himself to leave his home, despite passing every test with flying colors... And now he is here, still being somewhat reserved.
      Personality: Reserved around strangers, a bit hard to befriend, but once befriended he is extremely giving and a bit outspoken, but mainly he tries to defend the few that are close to him. He enjoys playing the ocarina.
      Love Interest:Lara (but she's been gone...), really anyone willing to stand by him through thick and thin
      Titan appearance:Armoured titan. The armour is actually blue, with the in-between (muscle)being more white than red. His hair becomes much longer, and his eyes glow slightly.

      OOC: I am actually rather excited... this is a good layout for a first RP.

      EDIT: If themes become a thing... Here is one for moi and here is for my titan form. Also... He can play the ocarina (but only HIS ocarina) extremely well... though it takes him a while to learn anything new.

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    • Full Name: Finnian Serégon.

      Age: 18.

      Gender: Male.

      Birthday: June 7th

      Birthplace: Shiganshina District (Wall Maria outcrop).

      Family Members: Sylvia (Little sister, age 15, trainee soldier), Cyrus (Younger brother, Scout, Age 17 at time of death.), Amira (Mother, deceased), Argonz (Father, Deceased.).

      Preferred Military Squad: Survey Corps.

      Appearance: Finnian is a relatively small individual, being only 5'5 in height with a very slim frame, though that frame has a decent amount of visible muscle due to his training. He has medium length blonde hair, and eyes that appear to always be closed no matter how you look at them. Before his injury, he was always seen with a smile on his face; He tries to keep it, but oftentimes fails to do so.

      Backstory: Finnian was originally a Garrison soldier fresh out of training, tasked with guarding wall Maria at the time of the fall of Shiganshina. He suffered from a greivous head injury as he tried to defend the civilians, a skull fracture that left him in a coma; Only a timely rescue from his brother Cyrus, who had been left behind by the scouts to recover from injuries, kept him from being chomped that day. His surviving family was not so lucky, his mother and father were cornered by an abnormal titan, and were forced to give their lives to allow little Sylvia to escape. His remaining family feared that he wouldn't wake from his coma, and were relieved to see him wake in only a week, only to be horrified when he didn't remember them at all. He'd suffered permanent amnesia, and forgotten everything except his military training.

      The military would've allowed him to retire after such a life-changing injury, live his life away from the fighting, but he would not have it. The only thing he knew now was how to fight. And so, in order to rejoin the military, he'd retaken his training alongside regular trainees, his sister Sylvia being among them.

      The time taken to finish was far less than most, as he knew most of it almost by heart, and had taken only a single year to complete. Unfortunately during this time, his brother perished during the Survey Corps' latest foray into danger, dying almost instantly after he'd lost his upper body to an abnormal titan.

      For unknown reasons, he decides he will join the survey corps, despite Sylvia's protests against the decision.

      Personality: Despite all that's happened, he's cheerful and upbeat around others. He is ridiculously easy to befriend, and incredibly loyal to his friends. Psychiatrists have stated this is a mask he uses to hide his true feelings; He acts cheerful, but he never really feels it.

      Love Interest: None, currently. Perhaps never, as he fears he'll just lose them.

      Titan Appearance: N/A.

      Theme: Click!

      Other: Is an oddly talented singer; Nobody knows when he started singing, or how he found time to practice, but he's good at it nonetheless.

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.

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    • "Well, aren't you hyper? Barely even dawn and you're already you're bouncing around." Said the familiar voice of Finnian, who had apparently only just arrived.
      "So what's gotten you so flustered? No, wait, let me guess. Levi?"

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • "Yea im like gonna be in trouble when i get there. Hes gonna kick my ass.."
      I said as i slipped my jacket on and grabbing a piece of bread in the proccess.

      "I was supposed to be there before dawn so we could get an early start before todays mission." I take a bite of the bread
      "Yea just..... just dont die ok ok"

    • "He kick's everyone's ass." Finn said, snatching another piece of bread. "And if there's a mission, he won't kill you. Much. Whether or not you're incompetent, he needs you in the best condition."

      The man began to grin. "What if I told you I happened to tidy up a few rooms last night?" Finn opened wide, and took a large chomp out of the unfortunate piece of bread he had, resulting in his next words being somewhat muffled, talking with his mouth full and all that. "Chances are, one of 'em is the one he wanted; If not, you get a lighter load. Maybe. Feel free to take credit and/or thank me."

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • "We'll I have a feeling he's still pretty pissed for me and Eren slacking off last week I was just cleaning up an Eren and I started making impressions of Levi. Coincidentally he walked in on us..... Yea thanks for doing that though you didn't need to." I walked out the door taking another bite of the bread in my hand.
      "Yea just..... just dont die ok ok"

    • He awoke, realizing he had done it again... he had fallen asleep on the wall. Oh well, there wasn't really anything wrong right now, and the view was good... except for the annoying blonde abnormal who would roll around, then jump, and repeat the process
      "annoying fool... he isn't worth the ammunition..." he looked up at the sky, feeling a slight cool breeze

    • "Jaeger did that? Really? Didn't seem the type, bit too, y'know..." As he followed the other soldier, Finnian briefly made an exaggerated grumpy expression that honestly looked a bit more like Levi than Eren. "Focused, to really fool around; It's hard to imagine the rogue titan making stupid faces. Anyway, you're very welcome. Tidying up a bit makes the captain a bit more pleasant for everyone."

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • He continued to stare at the abnormal, which entertained him. "look at you... you are a mindless creature of the depths of fire.... and yet, what is the separation of man and beast except for walking on two legs? A fine line separates that from" He turned to face the city behind him "them... and ironically enough a massive wall also attempts to keep them separated... Amusing." He began to feel through a small satchel near him, pulling out a plum, and biting into its juicy and tart plumpness, a slight pucker coming to his face, followed by a small smirk. He enjoyed the bit of a 'bite' it had.