Valkyria Chronicles (PC 2014)

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    • Valkyria Chronicles (PC 2014)

      Valkyria Chronicles (PC 2014)

      Valkyria Chronicles is a turn-based tactical role-playing game. It was first released on PlayStation 3 in 2008, and has been highly acclaimed by numerous gaming medias. It has now been ported to PC and released recently on Steam in November 11 2014.
      This game has unique and beautiful Watercolor/Anime art style graphic, This game is very story driven with fantastic story and deep character development.

      IGN's Review on PS3 version (Score 9/10)

      Official Launch Trailer for PS3 version

      The gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles has some similarities with XCOM: Enemy Unknown as a turn-based tactical game but with additional RPG elements. During player's turn the player views an overhead map in Command Mode, but zooms into 3rd person view to control each individual unit on the battlefield in Action Mode.

      IGN's Gameplay video on PC version

      Where to buy
      You can buy Valkyria Chronicles PC version on steam. You can also buy it from third party venders like Humble Bundle or Green Man Gaming. The porting quality of PC version of the game is quite good with 1080p or higher and 60 FPS support, and Keyboard/Mouse support with Rebindable keys. It also has all PS3 DLCs included. It only has some minor cons like the cutscene remain the same 720p as the console version, and no mouse control in menu.

      Reasons of Suggestion
      I had watched a few Pewdiepie's playthough series on some story focus games like The Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus, and Beyond Two Souls......, I really like those videos, and I think this game with it's interesting story is a very suitable game for him to make into a great playthough series, and I am looking forward to it. :)
      Please feel free to like this thread if you like this game or like the idea of having Pew playing it. :brofist:

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