Need help with Gaming Channel

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    • Need help with Gaming Channel

      Hey fellow bros, i want to start a gaming channel just as pewdiepie and the other nice Youtube Gamers , but im struggling to find my feet.
      If anyone can help a guy out at some advice on how to start it up and what games would be nice to Lets Play that would actually entertain the fellow youtubers, I would really appreciate the words of advice. Ive started with a Five nights at freddys playthrough but i just couldnt go on as i really dont want to act like im scared but actually the game isnt scary and i just know every in and out of the AI. Started then on a walking dead playthrough. Tell me what you think could help me grow and tell me what i can work on , on my accent or character . My name is PaulJayDi and im a big fan of Pewds , and he actually inspired me to try and do the same as he does. Looks REALLY FUN!!!
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    • Get a facecam and mic for a start since most youtubers have those ~
      And don't try and make really bad jokes, just kind of be natural i guess and have real reactions, because that kind of annoys people if you act fake to get views.. get my vibe?
      Really, you need patience and your channel will grow over time if your content is good. I'm not a youtuber, but that's my advice..
    • These guys have pretty much summed it up but I'll add my own thoughts.

      Dont buy expensive equipment such as a super good Mic or Webcam. If you have one knocking about and it isn't extremely crap then use it.There's no point in shelling out lots of $$$ when you have no viewers.

      Don't start a channel with the intention of becoming famous, chances are you won't, lotsssssss and I mean lots of other people have Gaming channels but please dont let this dishearten you. Everyone should give it a go and have some fun and so should you :3

      Play you're all time favourite games and provide your thoughts on them. Don't play a game just because you saw "X" YouTuber playing it. Enjoy yourself and be safe out there ^^

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