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    • Hello people of the YouTubes!

      My name is DaBlizz. I am a High School Senior in Oregon in the US. I play games wit mah friends, play tennis, and I am also starting to make my own video games as well. I am having to fit this all around my packed school schedule, and have little time to actually do these^things. During vacations, I will hopefully be able to do these and also start making ACTUAL videos on my YouTube channel (you can look if you want to see a dumb project I made for my advanced sophomore literature class a year and a half ago, but it won't reflect what I'll be doing). I'll also be working on some animations in Cinema 4D as well (mostly for school, but also for fun).

      Ask me any questions if you want to know more (but not where exactly I live. I would prefer not to get S.W.A.T.-ed)
      -Never Arbitrary,