A Catastrophic Date

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    • A Catastrophic Date

      Hey, a YouTuber I like and his friend made this game, it's an indie game, pretty short, you should be able to beat it in a single video!

      It's about a cat that's trying to cheer his owner up after her date stood her up, there's a lot of really silly and weird endings, make sure to try and find them all!
      ou basically play by picking one of three choices, the cat itself can't talk, so it has to use a machine that it built that can just give yes or no responses, or it can give no response at all. There's a twist partway through also that changes the gameplay some, too!

      The woman in it is pretty awesome too, she has a hook for a hand!

      The game got featured on GameJolt as one of the best games on the site too and praised by the owner of the site, so I think you'd have fun playing it!

      Here's some gameplay footage of a secret ending for it; you get it by getting to a certain point in the game and pressing the same button over and over until... well, you'll see!

      It'd mean a lot to me if you'd play the game and I'm sure it would to them too, they're both indie game makers and they want to make more games, too!

      Here's a link to the game, it's free to download and play: A Catastrophic Date - An Indie Strategy/Sim Game | Game Jolt
      They also made another game too, it's a REALLY hard and crazy shm'up, it's free too and you can get it at Candy Shooter Saga - An Indie Shooter Game | Game Jolt

      The creators of the game have asked that people link their twitch or youtube accounts in the info of the video if you do videos of it, but you don't have to, they've both said they aren't going to flag anyone or be mad at anyone who doesn't do it, they're just asking that people do it if they can.

      Hope you play it pewds! :D