Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

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    • Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

      First off sorry if you clicked on
      this thinking there will be a movie, there isn’t that I know of.
      Though I want
      there to be. I will not say that Five Nights at Freddy’s is a good or the
      greatest horror game, it is kind of boring. All you do is sit in room and check
      cameras, and in the first game close doors and keep the animatronics out, the
      second game you’re still in a room and have to check cameras, but no longer
      have doors to close and have to put a mask on and then keep a jack in a box
      wound. You don’t have a lot of freedom, which games usually give you. That’s
      point and click games sometimes for ya…

      So the game play wasn’t that
      great, but the back story, that was what interested me. The murder of the
      children, their bodies possibly being stuffed into the animatronics, and their
      souls possessing the animatronics. That could make a great idea for a horror
      movie based on this game. I would also like to see the “Bite of ‘87” in the
      movie, as Phone Guy says on Night 1 “It’s amazing that the human body can live
      without the frontal lobe, you know?”
      That says to me that someone probably got
      their ear bit off, but who knows who it was or which animatronic did it right? A
      movie could give us answers.

      Horror movies are almost the same
      these days, zombies, vampires, ghosts…. Movies have possessed things like
      dolls, but nothing like animatronics. This can be a whole new type of horror
      movie! Now whether it turns out to be more of a scary movie or a gory one… who
      knows. Since the game is kind of on more of the jumpscare side, I would rather
      lean on the scary part and less blood because I have seen enough gory movies.
      Nothing has scared me and maybe this movie could be different. I love horror
      movies and I know I have a few friends here on Broarmy that would love to see
      this movie to, and maybe if we demand it, it could happen.

      Anyway let me know what you
      think. I think this movie could come out awesome, I know some movies based off
      of videogames don’t come out well naturally and that ticks off fans, but hey. I
      am seeing this as a beautiful movie that looks realistic and if they can’t get
      real animatronics, CGI has done quite a bit of stuff for us that turned out
      awesome like Transformers.
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    • This is not to be in the RP section... But I have to go against what you said about them being all the same. Oculus was a game changer, what with a mirror (something you expect to haunt in every movie) being what is behind everything (I think) and with new prequels and what not, that help explain the lore and the extent of the occurrences of the movies. And next to no HORROR movies have zombies or vampires... most today actually explore more into the human psyche, and really get into our heads. The only real gore/ "Horror" film that is constantly and lazily returning is saw... And If you are determined for good horror (which doesn't have to scare, just creep out or at least provoke some false feeling that is usually fear-based; not just fear itself (like getting the shivers or occasionally sadness and what not, or just shock.).) And even though these don't really count, Alien, The relic, and a massive amount of other movies (including Jurassic park) used animatronics. Not only that, but if you think about donnie darko, it is similar in the humanimal design of the weird rabbit. I am getting off-topic, but this would just be fan service. While I hate that I have to buy the games if I wanted the full experience, A movie would just be a sellout move... It would make scott seem more like a greedy sellout than an actual developer and author, as I must agree in the lore... I am pretty sure the marionette is the cause of all of the problems.

    • Well, if there is a movie, then everything that is known could be something that isn't up to everyone's expectations, and how they as the player interpreted the back story.

      However, if a movie does come out, I would watch it... but only if you paid me $120. :D
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    • even PewDiePie said, it doesn't get as scary, it actually gets more part of the challenge, but an awesome movie it would be, it'll be a cool movie, but the trailer should come out in 2016 so he doesn't seem like that, but either way, (and frontal lobe is part of your brain, so it'll be legit if it the kid was bit in the forehead). But seeing how the backstory is, it'll be amazing ^u^
    • My only real problem with this is again the whole seeming like its just fan service and not really HIS thing anymore... Imagine if they gave Asura's Wrath A movie... Despite its amazing plot (and the fact that it is essentially a movie), And that there needs to be more explaining of the demigods and whatnot (and how they are part bot), it would make for a TERRIBLE movie... some things are better left as they are.

    • A more common one would be metroid... Metroid does have a surprisingly complex and odd (as in a lot of people are trying to figure it out still) but despite making for awesome action, a movie isn't exactly the way to go. Im not trying to say that this is a terrible idea or anything, but it isn't something that would respond well, at least for most of todays people (including its fandom... I thought about this once, but almost everyone I know told me this kind of thing... And I realized its true). Granted, I didn't expect How to train your dragon 2 to be good, but it was surprising. So this is just kind of what I would expect in terms of mass public response... also, too little people like it and even less play it, and even less are actually invested into the lore.

    • I don't like the game but I do think a movie could be potentially very interesting, and it's one I would watch if made right - I'm thinking more psychological horror and creepy factor rather than outright gore and jumpscares (which bore me in games and movies tbh).

      It's interesting about the frontal lobe because if I remember right that is responsible for correlating consequences and understanding good and bad and the ability for "socially unacceptable" behaviour, as well as partially regulating the emotions and the physical display of emotions. It is also the part of the brain that would be affected by lobotomies given as treatment to the mentally ill many years ago.

      Just tying that in with these - possibly lobotomised - humans, being put into animatronic suits, yeah that's pretty creepy in itself.