Sam Simon and the kindness of a big one.

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    • Sam Simon and the kindness of a big one.

      This is a bitch.
      I want to share this on here in case someone didnt know this, and because I think most of you should know that one of the creators of the biggest cartoon series of all time has bee fighting cancer for 2 years now and he wont be able to survive.
      Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, has decided, after finding out he wouldnt be able to outlast cancer, to donate all of his fortune to various charity ONG around the world.
      I think that most of us owe this guy more than a smile, since The Simpsons has been part of a lot of lifes around the world. I dont know about your countries, but here in Spain it is just a tradition to watch The Simpsons while eating lunch, every day.
      I created this post in order to every single one of you to post the most hilarious moment/moments of The Simpsons you´ve ever expirienced. Because this guy is and will always be a genious, who gave birth the most sarcastic and smooth cartoon series of all time.
      Here is my favourite moment:

      Share your favourite moments too!
      Brofist :brofist: