My personal introduction

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    • My personal introduction

      My name is Mitch "The Angel" Noel, I live in Indiana and i was born
      in '93, i like video games, card games, Cartoon, Horror and Comedys and
      on special occasions Romance movies, and many more things. I enjoy hanging out with my friends
      we have some great times! I am different than most every guy you will ever meet in
      your entire life, and you'll figure that out after you get to know me a
      little more, ive been told that im the most sweetest amazing guy that a
      girl has ever met!! I love watching Pewds videos especially his horror videos, he always scares the crap out of me
      when he yells BARRELS!!! or scares him self haha. I've always wanted to do what he does cause i also have a passion for gaming
      but i don't know how to get started. So anyways HI! I'm gonna try and be as active as possible, if you wanna chat just say hi lol. BROFIST :brofist: