Newbies' Thread :D

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    • Newbies' Thread :D

      Hi guys I just want all of you to know if you don't have friends and just started your account I'll tell you right now that it is very easy to gain friends in the chatroom! This thread is most probably your guide for future problems or any of the sort :D

      Feel free to say anything you want in this thread but refrain from saying bad words okay :)

      BTW if you really can't find a friend I'm always here waiting for you :D

      If you wanna talk to me you can find me chatting with other people in the CHAT section in the brochat chatroom :D I'm always online but not not the whole day on sundays(sunday times are based on Philippines time)

      Thanks for reading this~ :D BORFIST :brofist: :brofist: :brofist: